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Stages Cycling Shimano XTR M9100/9120 L Gen 3 Power Meter Crank Arm Stealth Grey, 175mm
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It no longer takes just a committed training regiment to stay on the top of the game in the bike world, you've got to push harder, and ride with the cold, hard numbers at your fingertips, and so it's not surprising that power meters have taken the trail by storm. Power meters were once confined to road and a few cross-country racers, but with elevated availability we're seeing them turn up on enduro, trail, and even DH rigs, as riders of all disciplines crave the edge that data provides. Stages has been a reliable option for those looking to integrate power to their steed for a couple of years now, and the new Shimano XTR M9100/9120 L Gen 3 Power Meter Crank Arm brings the value and data to your sleek new 12-speed Shimano drivetrain. This crank arm allows you to keep your driveside XTR crankarm and ring(s) in tact, and pairs up just on the left for easy assembly. This low-profile pod houses the recently updated ANT and Bluetooth Smart antennas, providing a 6-time stronger radio transmission so your head unit doesn't miss a watt. Its small, tucked away design prevents it from bashing on rocks or adding much in the way of weight. It's only 15-grams heavier than the standard Shimano XTR M9020 Trail Crank, so you won't even notice it on the singletrack. The same cold-forged, hollowtech aluminum construction is present on this arm so upgrading to this powermeter is truly plug-and-play. The power meter itself exhibits an impressive /- 1. 5% accuracy which sits inline or slightly better than industry standards, so your metrics are more meaningful and your training is more precise. Stage's Active Temperature Compensation prevents skewed readings when temperatures change on the ride. For simplicity, the updated accelerometer reads cadence without additional sensors. The Bluetooth Smart and ANT capabilities allow you to sync with your favorite cycling apps, wirelessly uploading ride data without plugging in. Also, there's an app developed by Stages Cycling, which iden...