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Ibis HD6 XX Eagle AXS Transmission Carbon Wheel Mountain Bike
Price: $11,199.00
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Laps at our favorite downhill trails call for a bike that can climb and descend well, which is why the Ibis HD6 is one of our go-to choices for a balanced enduro bike. Coming a long way from its predecessor, the HD5, the HD6 received many improvements, including 15mm of added rear suspension travel and 10mm more fork travel to make it more capable. furthering the capability, the HD6 is designed as a mixed-wheel setup for the best of both worlds, with a efficient, 29-inch wheel up front and an agile 27. 5-inch wheel in the rear. 165mm of DW-Link suspension allows the HD6 to smash technical descents with ease, climb like a trail bike, and have a plush yet efficient ride. Designed for railing big mountain descents and enduro racing, the HD6 has a 64-degree headtube angle for maximum stability when descending and a size-specific seat tube angle averaging at 76. 5-degrees to put us in an efficient position when climbing back to the top for another lap. Short chainstays across all sizes ensure a nimble bike that allows for tons of agility when faced with tight singletrack descents and switchbacks. A new link design gives the HD6 a progressive leverage ratio for a plush feel, while the lower link has been rotated 90 degrees to allow us to access it without having to remove our cranks. The integrated chainstay and downtube protectors keep our frame protected from rock and chain strikes, and a shuttle guard allows us to throw our bike into the back of our truck bed so we can drive to the trailhead worry-free. Room for a bottle mount in the front triangle lets us to take along a water bottle, and internal cable routing with internally guided tubes makes for effortless cable management and a silent bike. The XX Eagle AXS Transmission Carbon Wheel build of the Ibis HD6 is a top-of-the-line build that holds nothing back. To start, Ibis's carbon frame is made with premium carbon fiber for a strong and lightweight frame weighing just 5. 5 pounds. SRAM's XX Eagle AXS Tran...