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Assos Assosoires GT Long-Sleeve Mid Layer Top - Men's
Price: $170.00
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Assos designed the Assosoires GT Long-Sleeve Mid Layer Top for our fall and winter rides where we want to keep our core warm and the cold at bay. It's a functional baselayer that works to keep us moving in chilly conditions, and we like that it offers enough stretch for full freedom of movement....
Assos Assosoires Long-Sleeve Skin Layer Superleger Top - Men's blackSeries, 0
Price: $115.00
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An exceptionally light base layer that manages moisture and controls odor beneath second-skin cold-weather layers or as a standalone top during indoor training.
Assos Assosoires Winter Long-Sleeve Skin Layer - Men's
Price: $115.00
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When the riding plans and the outside weather can't agree that a long-sleeve winter jersey will be sufficient, the Assos Winter Long-Sleeve Skin Layer may be the ideal. The insulating layer easily fits under a heavier winter jacket to manage more than a few hours of base mile training....
Assos Equipe RS Winter Long-Sleeve Mid Layer - Men's
Price: $189.00
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The Equipe RS Winter Mid Layer continues Assos's pedigree of kitting cyclists for the harshest conditions. Made from their thickest OSMOS fabric, a brushed-back fleece, this long sleeve keeps heat close to the skin to warm against the bitter cold. The race fit and raw-hem design layer easily...
Assos GTO Spring Fall Long-Sleeve DermaSensor Baselayer - Men's
Price: $260.00
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We want our baselayers to disappear under our outer layers, and the ASSOS GTO Spring Fall Long-Sleeve DermaSensor Baselayer does just that. The seamless, compression fabric not only provides a bulk-free, friction-free layer, but it also wicks away sweat to keep us dry and warm on cooler days.
Assos GTO Winter Long-Sleeve DermaSensor Baselayer - Men's blackSeries, 0
Price: $250.00
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When indoor rides on the trainer get too monotonous, we throw on the ASSOS GTO Winter Long-Sleeve DermaSensor Baselayer and head out the door. This ultra-warm baselayer features a seamless, 3D jacquard knit construction for extreme breathability and softness while added insulation and an...
Assos Spring/Fall Long-Sleeve Skin Layer - Men's blackSeries, III
Price: $105.00
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When hot cocoa and watching spring classics or early season cyclocross pull you back into the warmth of the house, the mid-weight Spring/Fall Long-Sleeve Skin Layer from Assos provides essential protection to brave chilly conditions. Thin enough to fit under a thermal jersey or cycling jacket,...
Assos Summer Long-Sleeve Skin Layer - Men's holyWhite, 0
Retail Price: $90.00
Our Price: $67.50
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We like wearing the Assos Men's Summer Long-Sleeve Skin Layer by itself when summer's at its hottest, and the rest of the warmer seasons with a jersey. This baselayer is effective at managing moisture and blocking sun rays.
Assos Ultraz Winter Long-Sleeve Skin-Layer - Men's Blue, 0
Price: $135.00
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Wicking sweat in summer helps keep you cooler, however, in winter it's all about keeping your skin warm and dry. Assos' Ultraz Winter Long-Sleeve Skin-Layer works in tandem with your outer layers to wick sweat away from your body to avoid becoming saturated and cold when cycling in winter months....
Castelli Bandito Wool Long-Sleeve Baselayer - Men's
Price: $139.99
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With a high collar and sleeves that cover the entire wrist, the Castelli Bandito Wool Long-Sleeve Baselayer has you covered for riding in cold weather. With the superior warmth of Merino wool and the excellent moisture-wicking properties of recycled polyester, you are sure to feel warm, protected...
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