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100% Ridecamp Knee Pad
Retail Price: $59.00
Our Price: $47.20
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Slip on some lightweight protection for XC days with the Ride 100% Ridecamp Knee Pads. These slim pads offer just enough coverage to give you peace of mind when you're working on taking the high-line through rock gardens, but not so much that it bogs you down on the climbs. Lightweight perforated...
100% Surpass Knee Pad
Retail Price: $139.00
Our Price: $111.20
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There are some riders who only throw on pads for the rowdiest of DH days, but with flexible pads that feel feathery and light, we don't see a point in skipping the body armor on any day. Body armor gives us an extra boost of confidence, so we're willing to try rolling into a hairy section of...
100% Teratec Soft Knee Pad
Retail Price: $69.00
Our Price: $55.20
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Everyday rides call for everyday coverage, and while we'd toss Ride 100%'s Teratec Soft Knee Pad in the category of 'every day,' we won't imply that they're average or ordinary. These sleek slip on pads offer super breathable fabric with a fully ventilated rear that keeps your skin breathing when...
7 Protection Control Ankle Pad
Price: $27.50
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7iDP Control Ankle Protector - protects your ankle from cuts and bruises from Chainrings and pedal pins. The Control ankle protectors are sold as a pair.
7 Protection Flex Knee Guards
Retail Price: $84.99
Our Price: $50.99
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We'd rather not have to stop post-crash (or crash at all) to patch up our knees, and so agree the minds behind 7iDP's Flex Knee Guards, which provide flexible but highly rugged protection for enduro riders and bike-park junkies alike. The X-Profile pad isn't a hard shell, but it offers up nearly...
7 Protection Project Knee Pad
Retail Price: $129.99
Our Price: $77.99
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As you ramp up your game, you also take more powerful spills. Wear the 7 Protection Project Knee Pad to give your knees some defense against rough landings. The flexible hardshell is designed to disperse shock and slide over surfaces during impact instead of stopping the motion. Since hopefully...
7 Protection Sam Hill Knee Pad
Retail Price: $94.99
Our Price: $56.99
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Your knees need some extra padding, but you're not willing to sacrifice your performance for a just-in-case piece of gear. 7 Protection took Sam Hill's feedback into the design of the Transition Plus Knee Pad to ensure that it is race-worthy, so whether you're crushing laps at the park or...
7 Protection Sam Hill Lite Knee Pads
Price: $84.99
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The Sam Hill Lite Knee Pads are an ultra-light knee pad for trail riding and enduro racing, offering breathable comfort and lightweight protection that won't hold you back during big days in challenging terrain. Thanks to critical feedback from the reigning Enduro World Series champ, the knee...
7 Protection Transition Knee Guards
Retail Price: $74.99
Our Price: $44.99
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The Transition Knee Guards are the lightest, most flexible knee pads that 7 Protection makes, so they're perfect for riders who are looking for pedaling comfort with moderate downhill protection. They forgo straps and cinches in favor of a simple, stretchy pull-on sleeve, which incorporates mesh...
7 Protection Transition Knee Pad - Kids'
Price: $29.99
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Your little shredder is resilient and persistent, and at their age everything demands some supervision. 7 Protection's Transition Knee Pad ensure your young rider has the protection they need to get back on the bike and to give you peace of mind should the ride not go as planned. The knee pads...
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