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RockShox Reverb XPLR AXS Dropper Seatpost
Retail Price: $633.00
Our Price: $538.05
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Winding our way up laborious climbs and maneuvering sketchy descents is made easier with the Reverb XPLR AXS Dropper Seatpost from RockShox. It delivers precise control, which increases confidence in turn, making everything from gravel grinding to rocky trails more enjoyable. Air only internals...
SDG Components Tellis Dropper Post Remote
Retail Price: $65.99
Our Price: $52.79
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We've come to appreciate the Tellis Dropper Remote for its featherlight actuation that lets us change our seat's position at a moment's notice. This remote pairs perfectly with a Tellis Dropper from SDG, and it's also compatible with any cable-actuated post.
SDG Components Tellis Dropper Seatpost Black, 31.6x417mm/125mm Travel
Retail Price: $269.99
Our Price: $121.50
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After two years of extensive research and development, SDG Components introduces the Tellis Dropper Seatpost to eliminate the pitfalls in reliability and complex servicing inherent to many popular dropper posts on the market. That means you'll be able to ride your Tellis Dropper without worrying...
SDG Components Tellis Mount
Retail Price: $19.99
Our Price: $15.99
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We all want a cleaner cockpit, so we enhanced the original version by making the new Lever directly compatible with Shimano I-Spec EVTM.
SDG Components Tellis V2 Dropper Post Black, 31.6mmx150mm Travel
Price: $199.99
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SDG is back with a new and improved version of their Tellis dropper post, the Tellis V2. Featuring a more durable, compact, and adjustable design, the Tellis V2 is equipped with a shorter stack height, a bigger diameter stanchion, reliable bushings, and travel adjustment shims to give us a...
Shimano SL-MT800-L Dropper Post Lever
Price: $59.99
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Dropper posts revolutionized the way we ride mountain bikes, and Shimano's SL-MT800-L Dropper Post Level is here to make dropper posts even easier to use than before. This quick-lever offers access from your grip position with minimum hand movement, and takes minimal effort to actuate. It's...
Wolf Tooth Components Light Action ReMote Black, Shimano I-Spec II
Price: $54.95
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Seeing that many droppers have finicky actuation that's much too difficult to initiate, the savvy riders at Wolftooth Components designed the Light Action ReMote for lighter, smoother throws of the dropper lever. This light and smooth actuation is possible thanks to a longer lever arm, which...
Wolf Tooth Components ReMote BarCentric Dropper Lever
Price: $74.95
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ReMote BarCentric Dropper Lever
Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Black, Hope Clamp
Price: $54.95
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Wolf Tooth Components is on a mission to free us from finicky dropper levers with it ReMote lever for cable-actuated dropper posts. The ReMote uses a mammoth 21mm sealed bearing to facilitate silky smooth motion, which in turn gives riders exceptional control over modulation and general dropper...
Wolf Tooth Components ReMote Pro Conversion Kit
Price: $24.95
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Repair your ReMote Pro or update worn-out elements with high-quality parts. We sell adapter kits if you want to move your remote to a different cockpit or change brakes.
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