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PNW Components Loam Dropper Silicone Band Blue, 30.9/31.6mm
Price: $5.00
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We like to add a bit of extra flair to our ride, and PNW provides with the Loam Dropper Silicone Band. It fits PNW Loam Dropper Posts and is easily seated on the midcap with a simple installation. We can match our bike or get a pop of extra color with a variety of selections.
PNW Components Loam Lever 2 Black/Teal, 22.2 Clamp
Price: $69.00
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The original Loam Lever was a game changer when it first arrived on the scene, and it quickly became one of our favorite dropper levers. The next gen PNW Loam Lever 2 builds on the indestructible CNC-machined aluminum design by adding a larger thumbpad so we can drop our saddle at the very last...
PNW Components Loam Lever Adapter Clamp
Price: $15.00
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Its been called the yoga mat for your thumb, and while the extra grip is great, the Loam Lever also features buttery smooth actuation that can improve the feel of any cable actuated dropper post.
PNW Components Puget Dropper Lever Kit
Price: $29.00
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Coming standard with the level assembly, cables, housing, and stainless steel noodle, the PNW Components Dropper Lever Kit has you covered after the last crash you took got the best of your replacement lever. Smooth and durable, this kit makes it easy to install, adjust, and replace, getting you...
PNW Components Puget Lever Black, 22.2mm Clamp/MMX
Price: $49.00
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Built and tested in Seattle trail networks, the Puget Lever is designed to function perfectly in conditions ranging from wet and sloppy to dry and dusty. It's situated as the entry-level lever from PNW, with a textured feel for easy depressing. It's compatible with all PNW droppers, and all...
PNW Components Rainier IR V3 Dropper Seatpost
Price: $179.00
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The Rainer dropper post has earned a solid reputation for consistent, reliable performance, so rather than changing the formula entirely PNW opts for some minor refinements that make this third-generation the best one yet. Travel is increased, and the travel is now adjustable in 5mm increments so...
PNW Components Ridge Dropper Seatpost
Price: $139.00
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PNW components are meant to get you out and riding without breaking the bank. Their start in the Pacific Northwest fueled the brand's fire for crafting quality components that can take us out on the most remote trails or even just get us going with new parts. The Ridge Dropper Seatpost is one we...
PRO Discover Dropper Seatpost 70mm Drop, 27.2mm
Retail Price: $299.99
Our Price: $284.99
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Certain sections of gravel trails light up our inner mountain biker spirit, and we want to get a little lower to make those hard berm cuts. Pro's Discover Dropper Seatpost satisfies with a 70mm saddle drop that also calms the more road-oriented soul when the trail gets loose. Tapping into the fun...
PRO Discover v2 Seatpost Black, 27.2mm, 320mm, 20mm offset
Retail Price: $270.00
Our Price: $256.50
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The PRO Discover Seatpost is designed to smooth out the roughest gravel bike rides, with its light and robust carbon layupesigned to provide you with a better sports bicycle experience the PRO Discover Seatpost is a carbon, gravel bike, seatpost. Boasting a vibration absorbing, lightweight and...
PRO Dropper Post Lever
Price: $69.99
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Perfect for our gravel bikes and bikepacking rigs, the Dropper Post Lever lets us easily run dropper posts on bikes with drop bars. The 23. 8mm clamp attaches to our bars right behind the brake lever for easy access, and lets us keep our saddle out of the way for navigating singletrack descents.
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