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Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow Saddle
Price: $399.99
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A quality saddle will change the game when it comes to performance, and the SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow Saddle is the perfect companion for those of us who are passionate about cycling. It's design and aerodynamic profile are the result of Selle Italia's consistent tinkering, making this saddle...
Selle Italia SLR TDF Superflow Kit Carbonio Saddle Black, S
Retail Price: $449.99
Our Price: $337.49
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We all dream of being a professional cyclist, riding through the French countryside during the biggest race of the year. Though we might not all be able to accomplish competing in the coveted Tour de France, we can make it feel as though we are. With the limited edition SLR TDF Superflow Kit...
Selle Italia SLR TI316 SuperFlow Saddle
Retail Price: $299.99
Our Price: $181.93
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Built from the ground up for performance, the SLR TI316 SuperFlow Saddle boasts a responsive construction and low-profile design that lets us easily contour around the saddle while sprinting. The SuperFlow channel reduces pressure in key areas to enhance comfort and blood flow, allowing us to get...
Selle Italia SLR TM Boost Saddle Black, L1
Retail Price: $169.99
Our Price: $96.22
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When Selle Italia crafted the SLR TM Boost Saddle it took on the coveted profile of the classic SLR, and brought it further into the future to balance comfort and performance. Still minimalist in padding, the SLR TM Boost provides just enough cushion at the ischial bones to alleviate pressure on...
Selle Italia SLR TM Superflow Saddle - Men's
Price: $169.99
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Competitive on price and comfort, the SLR TM Superflow Saddle is what we want for our lengthier rides. It features a neutral shape and a sleek Superflow central cut-out to relieve pressure and let us ride without distraction. Extra padding adds cushioning comfort, and manganese rails improve...
Selle Italia SP-01 Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle
Retail Price: $549.99
Our Price: $447.99
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Selle Italia continues to out-do itself with their lightest road saddle yet, the SP-01 Boost Tekno Superflow. A slimmed-down version of the Tekno Superflow, the Boost eliminates the top padding and cover in favor of a fully carbon construction in this short saddle, weighing only 105g in the S3...
Selle Italia SP-01 TDF CK7X9 Superflow Kit Carbonio Saddle
Price: $449.99
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With an innovative design, the SP-01 TDF CK7X9 Superflow Kit Carbonio Saddle from Selle Italia makes for a superb ride that offers increased comfort and natural flex, especially due to the split tail design. SuperFlow technology reduces pressure in the perineal area, and the carbon-infused shell...
Selle Italia SP-01 TDF Superflow Titanium Saddle
Retail Price: $279.99
Our Price: $223.99
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Bringing us closer to the podium, the SP-01 TDF Superflow Titanium Saddle delivers the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio for our next race. A Fibra-Tek cover enhances durability and protection, and titanium rails add strength and lightness. That, plus the Superflow cutout to relieve pressure,...
Selle Italia TURBO Bullitt Saddle Brown, S
Retail Price: $159.99
Our Price: $106.75
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The gritty, racing-focused look is evident from the matte tone of the Selle Italia logo and the streamlined red Ironman inserts, while visibility and safety are guaranteed by the fluorescent insert on the back of the saddle. On the technical front, the objective of guaranteeing a high level of...
Selle Italia X-Bow Saddle Black, S
Retail Price: $74.99
Our Price: $39.79
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Inspired by the flexible design of the crossbow, the X-Bow delivers unbeatable comfort and adaptablility thanks to its unique rail fixing system.
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