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5DEV Gravel/Road Cranks Black, 170mm, DUB
Price: $499.99
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Upgrade your ride with the 5DEV Gravel/Road Cranks, designed to enhance your outdoor cycling adventures. These cranks offer lightweight performance, increased durability, and optimal power transfer for a smoother, more enjoyable ride. Built with premium materials and precise engineering, they...
Campagnolo Chorus 12 UT Carbon Crankset
Retail Price: $388.00
Our Price: $310.40
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When it comes to putting power into the bike, we would be lost without a reliable crankset. The cranks are where our efforts get transmitted into physical results, propelling us forward when we surge energy in. Being that we also find the crankset to be one of the most eye-catching components on...
Campagnolo Ekar 13 Crankset
Retail Price: $360.00
Our Price: $232.61
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Campagnolo bursts onto the gravel scene like the best dust clouds on a loamy single-track. The new Ekar 13-speed drivetrain will undoubtedly help shape the future of gravel focused riding and technology, and at the heart of the new system is the 1x Ekar 13 Crankset. The utterly gorgeous crankset...
Campagnolo Super Record 12 WRL ProTech Crankset 165mm, 45/29
Price: $1,059.95
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Those of us who are serious about road cycling need a premium crankset to put in the miles. We can't go wrong with the Campagnolo Super Record 12 WRL ProTech Crankset. Featuring carbon crank arms, a titanium axle, and aluminum chainrings, this crankset meets the standards of the most elite...
Cane Creek eeWings All-Road Crank Arms Brushed Titanium, 175mm
Price: $1,099.99
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There's no shortage of good carbon cranks on the market, and after years riding them we get that there are benefits in stiffness and weight saving. The thing is, nothing catches our eye quite like a beautiful brushed titanium finish, and with a claimed 20 - 30% stiffness increase over premium...
Cane Creek eeWings Spider Ti Ano, 2X - 32t
Price: $49.00
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We've been super impressed with the titanium eeWings All-Road Crank from Cane Creek, and while most riders will take advantage of its direct mount chainring capabilities, no rider is the same, and many have their favorite chainring or want the option of running a two ring setup. That's where the...
Easton EA90 Crank Arms
Price: $124.99
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Whether you fancy a bit of road, a cluster of cyclocross, or the whole gravel gamut, Easton's EA90 crank arms are ready to do the job. The reliable alloy crank arms pair with Easton's Cinch system, allowing you to fine-tune fit with the perfect length for you and lasting durability for every ride...
Easton EC90 SL Crank Arms
Price: $449.99
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The EC90 SL crank utilizes the Race Face CINCH technology which allows for direct mount 1x rings as well as direct mount 2x spiders, and industry leading versatility. Increasingly popular 1x setups have many advantages including weight and simplicity. Their major limitation is adaptability. A...
Easton EC90 SL Crank Arms Black, 175mm
Price: $449.99
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Now that cyclocross season is over, it's time to pack up your bike and head over to the shop with a new crankset in tow so you can have a double chainring for gravel adventuring. That is, unless you have the new Easton EC90 SL Crank Arms. Designed using Race Face's Cinch technology, these crank...
FSA Energy Modular BB386EVO Adventure Crankset
Price: $298.00
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There's something to be said for the feeling of freedom that overcomes us atop our trusty steed, pointing down a dirt road that leads to destinations unknown. It kindles a fire inside of us that reminds us of the time when land wasn't owned, when diving into the wild took you to untouched...
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