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Shimano XTR/Dura-Ace CN-HG901 11-Speed Chain One Color, 116 links, Quick Link, 11 Speed
Price: $52.99
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The XTR/Dura-Ace CN-HG901 Chain keeps our bikes shifting with precision, and pairs brilliantly with Shimano's top-notch XTR and Dura-Ace 11-speed drivetrains. This model features a revised plate profile that's compatible with E-bikes and single-speed applications. The chain's slight asymmetry...
SRAM 12s Road PowerLock
Price: $18.00
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The 12s Road PowerLock chain connector is required for installing the all-new SRAM eTap AXS chains. The chain has a unique link shape thus requiring a new connecting link. It requires no tools to install once the chain is cut to length and a new one is recommended every time the chain is removed....
SRAM Apex Flat top 12-Speed Chain Silver, 120 links
Price: $30.00
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The SRAM Apex Flat Top 12-Speed Chain is a lightweight, durable chain that allows us to ride smoother and faster than we ever have. Flattop technology provides us with a narrower chain with increased strength and quiet operation.
SRAM PC 1051 Chain
Retail Price: $25.00
Our Price: $21.25
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SRAM's PC-1051 Chain features a corrosion-resistant nickel plating on both the inner and outer links to deliver smooth and precise shifting. The PC-1051 is built for 10-speed drivetrains and is designed to work seamlessly with the tooth shaping and pickup/release points on SRAM's cassettes and...
SRAM PC 1091R HollowPin Chain 114 Links / 10-Speed, One Color
Price: $56.00
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SRAM used its impressive knowledge about chain technology to create the PC 1091R HollowPin Chain. Starting with SRAM's HollowPin technology to reduce chain weight without compromising strength, the 1091R also uses heavily chamfered plates for smoother shifting and a quieter ride. Chrome-hardened...
SRAM PC-1130 11-Speed Chain
Retail Price: $24.00
Our Price: $18.72
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Not unlike the company's 11-Speed mountain bike drivetrains have already done, SRAM's 11-Speed road drivetrains are rewriting the rules. You'll need a proper 11-speed chain to turn a Red 22, Force 22, or Rival 22 cassette, however, and that's where the SRAM PC-1130 11-Speed Chain comes in. Pair...
SRAM PC-1170 Chain
Retail Price: $46.00
Our Price: $41.40
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The PC-1170 is slightly narrower than its forebear, to comply with the smaller tolerances required by an 11-speed cassette. It also has hollow pins, which save 20g of weight without decreasing strength, and has new inner and outer finishes for improved smoothness. Of course, it also comes with...
SRAM PC-Red 22 Chain - 2023 One Color, 114 Links
Retail Price: $49.00
Our Price: $39.20
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If you're building up your new dream machine to run on any of SRAM's new 11-speed drivetrains, don't just scrounge up a chain from your garage to throw on your bike. Make sure your shifting stays smooth and precise within your new, wider gear range with the SRAM PC-Red 22 Chain, developed...
SRAM Red 12-Speed Chain - 2023
Price: $75.00
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SRAM's Red 12-Speed Chain looks unique because it is. Using all-new Flattop technology, the new link design allows SRAM to build a narrower chain offering quieter operation while actually increasing strength and durability. In fact, its SRAM's longest-running chain to date. The Hard Chrome plated...
SRAM RED Flattop Chain One Color, 114 Links w/PowerLock
Price: $89.00
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Unlocking hidden perfromance from our bike starts with the chain. The SRAM RED RED Flattop Chain is a 12-speed chain that has a flat top design, which allows the chain to be narrower and lighter for faster and more precise shifts. The PowerLock connector connects our chain together with a...
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