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Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake Black/Grey, Rear/Right
Price: $249.99
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Hayes brakes have fallen off of many rider's radars for some reason or another, however, we must remember that it was instrumental in bringing disc brake technology to mountain bikes over 20-years ago. The brand has plenty of experience in motorsports and the technology it brought to the table...
Hayes Dominion SFL A4 Disc Brake Black/Bronze, Front/Left
Price: $249.99
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Made for the fun in life, the descents, the Hayes Dominion SFL A4 Disc Brake is built stiff and burly for the most aggressive of riding. Proven on the downhill world cup circuit these brakes are more than burly enough for our uses. We trust these brakes on the most aggressive and high-consequence...
Hope Hope Tech 4 E4 Disc Brake and Lever Set Blue, Rear
Price: $245.00
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We love the Hope Tech 4 E4 Hydraulic disc brakes because they offer maximum stopping power in a lightweight and sleek package. The E4 has 30 percent more power over the Tech 3 model. It has a durable construction, with the caliper being made of a one-piece, CNC-machined aluminum alloy and an...
Hope Tech 4 X2 Disc Brake and Lever Set
Price: $245.00
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The Tech 4 X2 builds on our 25+ years experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic brake systems.
Magura USA MT Thirty Disc Brake Black, Left or Right
Retail Price: $119.00
Our Price: $95.20
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Positioned as Magura's mid-tier brakes for enduro and aggressive trail riding, the MT Thirty Brakes offer excellent stopping power without breaking (braking?) the bank. Magura's Carbotecture levers offer the legendary lever feel that Magura brakes are known for, while the 4-piston caliper...
Magura USA MT Trail Sport Disc Brake Set Black/Black, Pair
Retail Price: $309.00
Our Price: $247.20
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Mixing and matching a four-piston front caliper with a two-piston rear, the Magura MT Trail Sport Disc Brake Set delivers unrivaled stopping power and precise modulation at an affordable price that leaves room for future upgrades. Although it's pegged as an "entry-level" trail brake for riders...
Magura USA MT5 eSTOP Disc Brake Black, Fornt or Rear
Retail Price: $189.00
Our Price: $151.20
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We turn to e-bikes for high speeds and necessary boosts when we're headed uphill, and it's important our stopping capabilities are as powerful as our need for speed. The MT5 eSTOP Disc Brake offers safe performance, even with heavy e-bikes, thanks to powerful 4-piston calipers. It's Magura's top...
Magura USA MT5 Next
Retail Price: $159.00
Our Price: $127.20
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We spec the MT5 Next brakes on our trail, enduro, and cross-country bikes because it offers 4-piston Magura brake power along with a lightweight construction. The MT5's master cylinder housing, piston, and handlebar clamp are made from CarboTecture SL injection-molded carbon fiber, stronger and...
Magura USA MT7 HC3 Disc Brake Black/Orange, Left or Right
Retail Price: $329.00
Our Price: $263.20
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Magura USA's MT7 HC3 Disc Brake is one that celebrates the brand's 45th anniversary, and it is complete with updates that make it fit for our ride's upgrade. An adjustable HC3 lever blade features adjustable reach and is designed in conjunction with a pro rider, and the monobloc triple arch quad...
Magura USA MT8 SL Disc Brake Black/Neon Yellow, Left or Right
Retail Price: $319.00
Our Price: $255.20
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The MT8 SL Disc Brake is ethereal in its lightness. In fact, it's Magura's lightest brake ever. However, this doesn't mean that it's light on stopping power. The architecture of the brake lever is based on Magura's proven Marta radial master cylinder design. Only here, it's made of a carbon fiber...
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