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Park Tool Aluminum MT Multi-Tool Blue, mt-10
Price: $20.95
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On-ride bike repairs are frustrating and embarrassing enough without having to make the dreaded phone call or wait for another prepared cyclist to roll by. The Park Tool Multi-Tool gives you the basic and useful tools to get you out of a jam. The kit keeps hex, and Torx-compatible drivers, as...
Park Tool AWS-9.2 Hex/Torx/Flathead Folding Tool Set One Color, One Size
Price: $12.95
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Loose bolts rattle on your bike frame. No problem, you brought your multi-tool along. Tighten tighten ... ack, the damn handle on your tool broke. The lightweight composite handle on Park Tool's T25 Torx/Standard Folding Hex Set is 40% stronger than steel handles. This folding multi-tool's 4, 5,...
Park Tool Folding Hex Wrench Set Blue, AWS-10C
Price: $10.95
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The Park Tool Folding Hex Set eliminates the need for a mess of loose tools and slides neatly into your bike pouch. The lightweight grip-handle resists slippage, and its stronger-than-steel handle won't break on you when you are really cranking down on it. You'll be glad to have these Protanium...
Park Tool IB-1 I-Beam Mini Hex/Screwdriver Set One Color, One Size
Price: $16.95
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Perfect for taking on rides, the strong, compact, lightweight IB-1 features our unique I-Beam handle.
Park Tool IB-2 I-Beam Mini Hex/Screwdriver/Star Set
Price: $18.95
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Park Tool I-Beam Mini Fold-Up Wrench includes a variety of hex wrenches, a T25 Torx wrench, and a flathead screwdriver to aid your on-trail repairs. You're looking at a long walk back to the trailhead if you can't get your bike rolling again, so be prepared with the right tools for the job. The...
Park Tool IB-3 I-Beam Mini + Chain Tool One Color, One Size
Price: $33.95
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A complete take-along tool combining our award winning I-Beam technology with a full array of emergency tools.
Pedro's Six-Pack Chain Tool
Price: $17.99
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Pedro's combines 3. 2, 3. 3, and 3. 5mm spoke wrenches, a flat-head screwdriver, and 5mm hex wrench into the Six-Pack Chain Tool -- so you can cut redundancy, and weight, out of a tool roll or hydration pack. The Six-Pack is made from heat-treated, tool-grade steel and tips the scales at 80 grams...
Pedro's Trixie Tool One Color, One Size
Price: $30.00
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A lockring tool and 15mm wrench let the Trixie fulfill the needs of riders with a simple commuter bike. It attaches to frame braze-ons with wing nuts for quick and easy removal and installation. At 7. 4 inches in length, and sporting an ergonomic shape, the Trixie Tool provides excellent leverage...
Silca HX-One Home Essential Tool Kit Wood, Multi
Price: $99.99
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For the better part of the last century, Italian-born Silca has been obsessed with every detail of the bike tools it creates and nowhere is its exceptional craftsmanship more apparent than in the HX-One Home Essential Tool Kit. Each of the eight hex keys is carefully constructed with S-2 steel,...
Silca Italian Army Knife
Price: $40.00
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Not all multi-tools are created equal, and Silca's Italian Army Knife looks to top them all with classic Silca quality and laser attention to details. Like its Swiss compatriot is to daily life, this little tool packs everything you need for small fixes amidst epic cycling adventures. Mid-length...
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