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Lezyne Classic STVZO E500 E-Bike Headlight
Price: $84.99
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Advanced StVZO certified e-bike cycling headlight. This light is housed in a high-quality machined aluminum body with computerized thermal management to maximize lumen output efficiency. Running on cutting-edge programming, this light offers up to an impressive 500 lumens of output. It comes with...
Lezyne Connect Smart 1000XL + KTV 75 Smart Light Pair
Price: $99.99
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The most advanced front/rear cycling light combo available, the Connect Smart 1000XL / KTV Smart Pair comes equipped with our Smart Connect wireless technology. This pair of lights can be quickly programmed and customized by the companion LED Ally phone app. Once programmed and paired, the front...
Lezyne CR2032 Battery - 8 Pack Silver, One Size
Price: $10.59
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Replacement CR2032 batteries, pack of 8. These batteries are designed for use in Femto LED bike lights. To get the best performance out of Lezyne LED lights, we recommend only using Lezyne batteries. All Lezyne batteries are quality tested for capacity and performance. Also available in packs of...
Lezyne eBIke Lite Pro Drive 800 Switch Headlight Black, High Volt
Price: $109.99
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Offering 800 lumens of crystal-clear illumination, the Lite Pro 800 Switch (High Volt) e-bike cycling light maximizes useable output with its enhanced Maximum Optical Reflection (MOR) lens. It features a CNC-machined aluminum body equipped with cooling fins to maximize heat dissipation....
Lezyne eBike Macro Drive 1000 Headlight Black, One Size
Price: $89.99
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A high-performance e-bike cycling light the macro drive is built from durable heat-dissipating cnc-machined aluminum construction and features two ultra high-output leds delivering up to lumens. an enhanced mor optical reflection lens offers optimized illumination as well built-in side visibility...
Lezyne eBike Micro Drive 500 Headlight
Price: $64.99
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We like plugging Lezyne's eBike Micro Drive 500 Headlight into our eBikes for riding at nighttime or in low light. Two ultra-high-output LEDs deliver 500 lumens through an enhanced lens with increased output and built-in side visibility. Basically, you'll be riding at night like it was the middle...
Lezyne eBike Power StVZO Pro E115 Switch Headlight
Price: $84.99
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Offering 310 lumens (115 lux) of intelligent illumination, the Power StVZO Pro E115 Switch e-bike cycling light features computer-controlled thermal management and automatic day/night output switching to improve your battery runtime. The CNC aluminum body houses an StVZO-optimized lens and is...
Lezyne Femto Drive Front Light
Price: $14.99
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Sometimes being seen is more important than illuminating your own path--think of early-morning urban commuting--so Lezyne designed the work-of-art Femto Drive Front Light to let motorists know you're coming. The LED bulb puts out 15 lumens of steady or flashing illumination, courtesy of two...
Lezyne Femto USB Drive Headlight Black, One Size
Price: $17.49
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The driver that beeped as you passed through the intersection was clearly insensitive to the right of way, but the close encounter has you reconsidering your safety on evening commutes when the sun is low and street lights are faint. Your bike is already tricked out with reflectors, so the time...
Lezyne Femto USB Drive Light Pair
Price: $32.99
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Small in size, the Femto USB Drive Front is still big on visibility. Perfect for commuters and recreational riders looking for a simple and inexpensive way to make sure they stay seen on the road, this light is compact, super lightweight, and USB-rechargeable, offering five output modes and up to...
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