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Lezyne Steel Drive Floor Pump
Price: $69.99
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Lezyne's Steel Drive Floor Pump is designed to be the last floor pump you ever buy, and while that might be bad news for Lezyne's prospects of repeat business, it's good news for you. Lezyne consistently delivers pumps with solid metal construction and timeless wooden handles, and the Steel Drive...
Lezyne Steel Drive Tall Floor Pump Gloss Black, One Size
Price: $74.99
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We've been guilty of waxing extensively about the artful construction of Lezyne pumps for years now. And frankly, we're not likely to stop anytime soon, especially if the brand continues to tempt us with such commendable designs. The Steel Drive Tall Floor Pump exemplifies the classic, clean...
Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2 Cartridge System Silver/Hi Gloss, One Size
Price: $19.99
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CO2 cartridges are great--they're quick, easy, and lightweight. However, they lack the control of a traditional pump. The Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2 Cartridge System changes that. The Trigger Drive is made with a machined aluminum chuck for light weight and durability. It joins the valve at a right...
Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive Co2 Inflator Black, 16G
Price: $19.99
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Save yourself from repetitive motion using mini pumps. To make life easier, you should enjoy the convenience of CO2 inflators on the side of the road or trail, and you'll be back up and running a whole lot faster as well. Though Lezyne makes a number of great pumps, this Trigger Drive CO2 Kit is...
Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster
Price: $54.99
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When we first saw pocket-able CO2 cartridges hit the trail it seemed like the fix we'd all been waiting for for years -- and we'd say that's still the case. While many CO2 chucks enable quick fixes of flats on the valve side of things, not many offer built in flat fixes. Lezyne's Tubeless CO2...
Lezyne Twin Kit Grey, One Size
Price: $29.99
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A CO2 canister is great, until you use it, and then you're up a creek without anyway to fill up. The solution? Make sure you carry a pair. Lezyne makes it easy with the Twin Kit, which comes complete with two canisters, the Twin Speed Drive inflator, and two rim-friendly nylon tire lever to take...
Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Inflator
Price: $16.99
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The Lezyne Twin Speed Drive CO2 Inflator has a name that's slightly misleading, we'll admit. The inflator doesn't enable double inflation speeds (as though the virtually instantaneous process of inflating your tires with CO2 cartridges wasn't fast enough), but it does have a dual-head design that...
MSW CO2 Catridge - 3-Pack
Price: $11.99
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Threaded CO2 cartridges available in 20, 25 or 38 gram sizes. MSW CO2 Cartridges fit all MSW inflator heads as well as our competitors' inflators.
MSW JetStream CO2 Inflator
Price: $25.50
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Lightweight and easy to use, MSWs Jetstream adjustable inflator head works with all 3/8 threaded inflation canisters and allows you to vary the CO2 flow to avoid overfilling your tires.
MSW Threaded CO2 Cartridge - 38g
Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $13.59
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Forget walking home or calling your friend for a lift when you get a flat or lose some tire pressure when you're carrying the larger 38g Threaded CO2 Cartridge from MSW. This threaded CO2 Cartridge works with all MSW inflator heads, as well as common inflators from the competition.
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