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Niner BSB 9 RDO 3-Star Rival 1 Complete Bike - 2018
Price: $3800.00
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Named after the cross mantra of Blood, Sweat, and Beers, the Niner BSB RDO 3-Star Rival 1 Complete Bike satisfies the cyclocross racer seeking a rocket ship for merciless sprints to the finish, slogs across sand pits, hectic hops over barriers, and refreshing beer hand-ups. Designed around Niner...
Niner RLT 9 RDO 3-Star Rival Complete Bike - 2017
Price: $3800.00
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Eschewing national sanctioning bodies for miles upon miles of desolate gravel roads and embracing self-supported autonomy doesn't mean you have to give up your roadie-inspired love of speedy carbon. Niner's new addition to its Road Less Traveled lineup, the 2017 RLT 9 RDO 3-Star Rival Complete...
Niner RLT 9 RDO 4-Star Ultegra Complete Bike - 2017
Price: $5000.00
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Unsanctioned gravel races have seen a massive influx of disenchanted road racers fleeing from the current state of sanctioned events in search of a more welcoming competitive venue. In addition to boosting numbers, this shift in participation has introduced a demand for high end, carbon fiber...
Niner RLT 9 RDO 5-Star Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike - 2017
Retail Price: $8800.00
Our Price: $6999.00
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After a few too many years of repeating road race courses and uncountable circles in boring business park criteriums, it's time to take a break from the pavement and tackle some finish lines on the road less traveled. But all that time on the road has set some pretty high standards for...
Niner RLT 9 RDO Frameset - 2017
Price: $2300.00
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Niner's 2017 RLT 9 RDO Frameset brings dream build potential to those of us who eschew traditional racing disciplines and instead choose miles and miles of packed dirt and gravel roads as our playground. Featuring Niner's renowned RDO carbon fiber, this RLT breaks from its aluminum and steel...
Niner RLT 9 Steel 2-Star Apex 1 Complete Bike - 2017
Price: $2500.00
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It's no secret that the RLT 9 Steel is one of our favorite gravel bikes, and we're excited to see it back for 2017 with some updated colorways and that legendarily smooth and responsive steel ride. The RLT 9 Steel 2-Star Apex 1 Complete Bike is an adventurer at heart, and takes its Road Less...
Niner RLT 9 Steel 4-Star Ultegra Complete Bike - 2017
Price: $4400.00
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Carbon frames have their place in aggressive race venues and the quest for marginal gains, but when we're out in the wilderness in search of serene scenery and gravel-filled adventure, no frame material fits the bill quite like the springy responsiveness and durability of steel. And perhaps no...
Pivot Vault Ultegra Complete Bike - 2017
Price: $4199.00
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There are any number of bikes out there carrying claims of an ability to hop from 'cross to road to gravel with ease, but very few of them manage to live up to our admittedly high expectations. Pivot's 2017 Vault Ultegra Complete Bike is one of those few, and after spending some serious miles on...
Raleigh RX 2.0 Complete Cyclocross Bike - 2017
Price: $1399.99
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While smaller statured riders applauded the Raleigh RXW for its range of sizes to accommodate those on the shorter end of the spectrum, the taller riders among us roared approval of its counterpart, the 2017 RX 2. 0 Complete Cyclocross Bike and its sizing options that include riders up to 6-feet,...
Raleigh RXC Complete Cyclocross Bike - 2017
Price: $3599.99
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The latest version of the RXC Complete Cyclocross Bike really needs no introduction. The previous model became a staple at start lines because it combined the pedigree of one of 'cross' most storied brands with the early adapter innovation of twin thru-axles. Now, a host of upgrades further...
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