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Boardman Bikes Elite CXR 9.0 Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $2700.00
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We all dream of owning a quiver of bikes. But for most of us, it's just not practical. Boardman Bikes has designed the CXR 9. 0 for those of us who don't want to choose between an on-road or off-road ride. The CXR 9. 0 is the entry level build in Boardman's new cyclocross line. It's a little...
Boardman Bikes Elite CXR 9.2 Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $3600.00
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Boardman's 'cross frames are designed with all the details that make owning and riding them a delight. Whether you head out on a country tour, a commute, or toe the start line in the weekend cyclocross race, the CXR series of bikes is versatile enough that you may only need this one bike....
Boardman Bikes Elite CXR 9.4S Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $5500.00
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From racing, to touring, to commuting, Boardman's CX frames are designed with all the details that make each ride a delight. Boardman used the latest in frame and component technology to create three levels of frames that cater to any rider at any level. The CXR 9. 4S is Boardman's mid-level Di2...
Civilian Bicycle Co. Vive Le Roi
Retail Price: $1749.95
Our Price: $1224.96
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From sloppy autumn days to frozen, early winter mornings, cyclocross racing draws competitors and spectators alike to brave harsh conditions. The reason for this is tight racing, challenging courses, and an attitude that leans more on the fun-side of the competitive fence. The Civilian Vive Le...
Diamondback Steilacoom RCX Pro Disc Complete Bike
Retail Price: $3500.00
Our Price: $2625.00
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Although Belgium is usually the first place that you think of when someone mentions cyclocross, the Pacific Northwest, home of Diamondback Bikes, is known for equally demanding courses and impressively hardcore riders. Mud, rain, rutted roots, and slippery rocks all contribute to some of the...
Niner RLT 4-Star Complete Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $2999.00
Our Price: $2549.00
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Whether you're a dirt road adventurer, 'cross dabbler, or looking for some training when the trails are muddy, the Niner RLT 4-Star Complete Road Bike has you covered. Niner isn't exactly known for following trends, so it's no surprise that the RLT sits in between many of the emerging niche road...
Pivot Vault/Shimano Ultegra 11 Complete Bike
Price: $3599.00
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Starting from scratch, Pivot's engineers went into their new cyclocross endeavor fully focused on designing the ultimate bike in terms of both efficiency and versatility. The Vault's geometry, tube shapes, and intuitive features perfectly illustrate these attributes, as the new bike serves to...
Ridley X-Bow 10 Disc Complete Cyclocross Bike - 2015
Price: $1800.00
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It's perfectly acceptable to race cyclocross on just about anything--even a mountain bike. But if you want to experience it with all the thrills of the bunny-hop and barrier-carry, the Ridley X-Bow 10 Disc Complete Cyclocross Bike takes its place as the perfect entry-level rig. Although...
Ridley X-Bow 20 Allroad Disc Complete Cyclocross Bike - 2015
Price: $1450.00
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Ridley, a Belgian company with roots deep in the cycling world, never ceases to innovate. And with commuting and cyclocross gaining popularity, it took the opportunity to close the gap between a traditional commuter bike and a cyclocross race machine with its X-Bow Disc Allroad Bike. The X-Bow...
Ridley X-Fire 10 Disc Complete Cyclocross Bike - 2015
Price: $3350.00
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Cyclocross, for most of us, is the off-season sport. Competition is friendly, the beer is good, and the bacon-cupcake hand-ups even better. The X-Fire 10 Disc is the ideal frame for the weekend cyclocross warrior who desires a steadfast steed and durable components. Ridley enjoyed such success...
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