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Diamondback Mission 27.5
Price: $2399.95
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The Diamondback Mission 27. 5 frame builds on the Mission series' history, bringing the all-terrain "shredmobile" up to the latest standards. That entails bigger wheels and a geometry that's keeping with the current crop of short stem, wide bar-equipped all mountain bikes. If your idea of the...
Ellsworth Evolve Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2015
Retail Price: $3395.00
Our Price: $2295.00
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Mountain bikers are often caricatured as beer-swilling, lowbrow versions of their skinny tire counterparts, uninterested in anything but the thrill of mud-covered, terrain-smashing lunacy. We contend that this is unfair, as many of us appreciate the multifaceted refinement of a bike like...
Ibis Mojo HDR 650B Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2014
Retail Price: $2699.99
Our Price: $1999.00
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When re-imagining its long-travel trail bike for 27. 5-inch wheels, Ibis refused to sacrifice the handling that popularized the Mojo HD. So, rather than reinventing it, Ibis chose instead to refine it by shedding a half-a-pound of weight, adding ISCG05 chain guide compatibility, and renaming it...
Ibis Mojo HDR Mountain Bike Frame- 2014
Retail Price: $2699.99
Our Price: $1999.99
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Quickly becoming a modern classic, the Mojo HD redefined mountain biking with a gravity-focused geometry, 160mm of travel, and a lightweight chassis. And keeping with Ibis' tradition of industry-leading innovation, the HDR builds on that bike's success by cutting a cup-of-lard from the carbon...
Ibis Ripley Mountain Bike Frame - 2015
Price: $2899.00
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In 2005, when Ibis' modern Mojo first touched dirt, its pedigree wasn't what caused a stir in an industry dominated by beer-can frames. An organic shape, progressive material choice, and extensive development -- which undoubtedly pointed to the future -- caused a period of high consumer demand...
Ibis Tranny 29 Mountain Bike Frame - 2015
Price: $1699.99
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Having the freedom to be whatever you want in life is a luxury some of us may occasionally take for granted. Well, those activists over at Ibis certainly don't. To embrace all possibilities and empower those bold enough to choose their own path, the company brings forth the Ibis Tranny Mountain...
Intense Cycles 951 EVO Mountain Bike Frame - 2014
Retail Price: $2899.00
Our Price: $2199.99
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Perhaps more than any other discipline in cycling, downhill allows riders to literally buy speed. Whether upgrading to more powerful brakes, or dropping the cash on top-tier suspension dampers, minor improvements to your setup can turn into precious seconds saved when racing the clock. And with...
Intense Cycles Hard Eddie Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2015
Price: $1999.00
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Having long been established as a premier name in dual-suspension mountain bikes, Intense made a notable departure from its norm last year when it introduced a hardtail. Equally known for its incredible attention to detail, however, it should come as no shock that the Intense Cycles Hard Eddie...
Intense Cycles M9 Mountain Bike Frame - 2014
Retail Price: $3149.00
Our Price: $2199.99
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The Intense M1 was, for all intents and purposes, the first downhill bike that actually mattered. Sure, there were gravity bikes that came before it, but the arrival of the M1 signaled the beginning of downhill racing's modern era. There's a reason that during the '90s, nearly all of the world's...
Intense Cycles Tracer 275 Mountain Bike Frame - 2014
Retail Price: $2450.00
Our Price: $1599.99
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We love it when progress doesn't come at the expense of soul. Such is the case with the Intense Tracer 275 Mountain Bike Frame. Many of you will recognize the Tracer name, as it dates back well over a decade. And while the newest version sports 27. 5-inch wheels, VPP suspension, and...
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