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2XU A:1 Active Wetsuit - Women's
Price: $279.95
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The 2XU A:1 Active Wetsuit falls near the lower price point of its wetsuits, yet it is designed with all the features of suits that cost twice as much. Top-tier neoprene and an array of body positioning panels create a fast suit for an optimal swim. Yamamoto neoprene is known for its flexibility,...
Blueseventy Fusion Full Wetsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $324.95
Our Price: $241.75
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Some of us aren't, believe it or not, professional triathletes, so we have to strike a balance between performance and affordability. Lucky for us, Blueseventy understands our predicament and made the Fusion Women's Wetsuit, which brings features from both the top-shelf Helix and race-ready...
Blueseventy Helix Full Wetsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $799.95
Our Price: $543.97
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Channeling two decades of experience designing the world's best wetsuits for serious triathletes and Olympians, the Blueseventy Women's Helix Full Wetsuit takes obsessive performance to new heights, delivering outstanding buoyancy, unparalleled upper-body flexibility, and fluid stroke movements....
Blueseventy Reaction Full Wetsuit - Women's
Price: $499.95
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Every advantage matters when you're fighting for position in open water, but the most expensive wetsuits can cost as much as a round-trip ticket to the other side of the world. If you want to keep your pennies in your travel fund while still gaining a swim advantage this year, invest in the...
Blueseventy Sprint Fullsuit - Women's
Price: $199.95
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When your friend convinced you to start doing triathlons this summer, she neglected to mention the large pile of gear you'd need to invest in before race day. Cut corners on an "aero" helmet and tri shoes this early in the game, but listen up when your excitable friend advises you to invest in a...
TYR Brooke Bikini Tank Top - Women's
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $27.96
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Ideal for paddleboarding and leisurely days at the lake, the TYR Women's Brooke Bikini Tank Top provides rest-assured coverage and protection during your day of fun in the sun. The Brooke features a blended, quick-drying fabric that's also soft for enhanced comfort and performance. Meanwhile, the...
TYR Competitor Reversible Workout Bikini
Retail Price: $65.95
Our Price: $32.97
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Some of us prefer a one-piece for our training and racing suits, and some prefer two. However, regardless of your training apparel preference, a chlorinated pool is still going to wreak havoc on what you're wearing. That's why TYR created both a one-piece, and this Competitor Reversible Workout...
TYR Crosscut Tieback Bikini Top - Women's
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $17.97
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Crosscut Tieback Bikini Top - Women's
TYR Della Boyshort Bikini Bottom - Women's
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $20.96
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From SUP yoga to swimming through slot canyons at the lake, be ready for adventure with the TYR Women's Della Boyshort Bikini Bottom. Offering full coverage in a sporty cut, these boyshorts are made from a breathable, quick-drying fabric to keep you comfortable in and out of the water. A wide,...
TYR Durafast Elite Solid Workout Bikini - Women's
Price: $64.95
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You won't fully realize just how stretched out your old swimsuit was until you replace it, at long last, with the TYR Durafast Elite Solid Workout Bikini. TYR uses its top-end Durafast Elite fabric to craft this classic lap-swimming bikini, meaning you get a supportive, durable fabric that will...
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