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2XU A:1 Active Wetsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $299.95
Our Price: $149.97
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The 2XU A:1 Active Wetsuit falls near the lower price point of its wetsuits, yet it is designed with all the features of suits that cost twice as much. Top-tier neoprene and an array of body positioning panels create a fast suit for an optimal swim. Yamamoto neoprene is known for its flexibility,...
2XU R:3 Race Wetsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $399.95
Our Price: $179.98
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A step above the 2XU T:3, the R:3 Wetsuit features the same Yamamoto neoprene, fit-to-swim cut, and technology designed to position you higher in the water for a more optimal swim stroke. What sets it apart are a few key details that help to optimize the effectiveness of your stroke, making it an...
2XU V:3 Velocity Wetsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $599.95
Our Price: $269.98
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It's nice to say that you don't need a wetsuit to land a spot on the podium, but the reality is that you'll feel pretty foolish if you just miss out because you came out of the water a few seconds too slow. If you're finally ready to take the neoprene-clad plunge and pick up those key seconds,...
Blueseventy Fusion Full Wetsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $324.95
Our Price: $259.96
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Some of us aren't, believe it or not, professional triathletes, so we have to strike a balance between performance and affordability. Lucky for us, Blueseventy understands our predicament and made the Fusion Women's Wetsuit, which brings features from both the top-shelf Helix and race-ready...
Blueseventy Helix Full Wetsuit - Women's
Price: $799.95
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Channeling two decades of experience designing the world's best wetsuits for serious triathletes and Olympians, the Blueseventy Women's Helix Full Wetsuit takes obsessive performance to new heights, delivering outstanding buoyancy, unparalleled upper-body flexibility, and fluid stroke movements....
Blueseventy Helix Full Wetsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $699.95
Our Price: $244.98
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It's rare that we find a wetsuit that knows exactly what its market needs and doesn't need. Not surprisingly, we're talking about the Blueseventy Helix Women's Wetsuit. We'll be blunt, you're not going to find any core-corrective or proprioception panels on the Helix. After all, if you're...
Blueseventy Lotus Racerback One-Piece Swimsuit - Women's
Price: $56.95
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Blueseventy's all about making triathlon gear for serious competitors, but the Lotus Racerback One-Piece Swimsuit is all about training swims and pool sessions. The Darwin polyester fabric provides superior compression and longer life than standard polyester, and offers UPF 50+ sun protection and...
Blueseventy Reaction Full Wetsuit - Women's
Price: $474.95
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Every advantage matters when you're swimming, but the most expensive wetsuits can cost as much as a round-trip ticket to the moon, so it's key to have an option like the Blueseventy Reaction Women's Wetsuit. It's not as space-age as the top-of-the-line Helix, but it costs about half as much and...
Blueseventy Sprint Fullsuit - Women's
Price: $229.95
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The Bluesign Sprint Women's Wetsuit is, sure enough, an entry-level suit, but that doesn't mean it skimps on details or performance. As triathlon wetsuits become more and more advanced, even the more basic offerings are nearly equivalent to what top-of-the-line suits used to be. While the Sprint...
TYR Competitor Reversible Diamondfit Swimsuit - Women's
Retail Price: $65.95
Our Price: $32.97
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Whether we like it, love it, or simply tolerate it, the pool is an essential component of triathlon training. However, unlike the conditions that you'll face on race day, the chemical makeup of a pool will deteriorate your gear. That's why TYR created the chlorine-resistant Competitor Reversible...
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