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Native Eyewear Sprint Sunglass Replacement Lens
Price: $19.95
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One day you're riding in blazing sunlight, but the next day may dawn gray and dreary; just drop the Sprint Sunglass Replacement Lens into your Native Eyewear Sprint sunglasses and go.
Native Eyewear Throttle Interchangeable Sunglasses - Polarized - Men's
Price: $88.95
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When you want the to step up to polarized optics, reach for the medium fit wrap-around frame of the Native Throttle Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the sun's intense glare with the Native Eyewear's comfortable wrap-around frames and polarized lenses. When the clouds roll in, quickly swap out...
Native Eyewear Throttle Sunglass Replacement Lens
Price: $19.95
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Whether your existing lenses have fallen victim to your hard-charging style, or you want to have some options for different light condition, stock up on the Native Eyewear Throttle Sunglasses Replacement Lens.
Native Eyewear Trango Polarized Sunglasses - Men's
Retail Price: $128.95
Our Price: $64.48
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Get a city-smart look with sport-worthy functionality in the Native Eyewear Trango Polarized Sunglasses. A sleek cut stands out in a crowd at a city intersection, but polarized lenses filter out all harmful rays coming off the water at your beachside estate during the after-party.
Native Eyewear Trango Sunglass Replacement Lens
Price: $49.95
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Native Eyewear offers the Trango Sunglass Replacement Lens in a variety of colors so you're covered no matter what kind of conditions you ride, hike, or paddle in.
Native Eyewear Versa Polarized Sunglasses - Men's
Retail Price: $138.95
Our Price: $55.58
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Native crammed the Versa Polarized Sunglasses with tons of techy features that will keep you performing at your best. Polarizing filters eliminate glare, and interchangeable lenses let you choose the right shade, no matter what the weather is doing. The Rhyno-Tuff Vented Air Frames can handle...
Native Eyewear Versa Sunglass Replacement Lens
Price: $59.95
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You wouldn't use a hammer to sink a screw--you use the right tool for the job. A set of Native Versa Sunglass Replacement Lens let you change things up so you have the right lenses for the situation.
Native Eyewear Vigor Sunglass Replacement Lens
Price: $19.95
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The Native Vigor Sunglass Replacement Lenses gives you the versatility of owning a few pair of glasses except you get to consistently rock a frame that you know you love. Plus, you don't have to brake the bank on a pile of different sunglasses. Just switch the shades out on your Vigor frames, and...
Native Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses - Polarized - Men's
Retail Price: $118.95
Our Price: $59.48
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Enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Native Eyewear Vigor Polarized Sunglasses while you saltwater fly fish, stroll the streets of Crete, or ride your townie along the boardwalk. Equipped with an interchangeable lens system, the Vigor comes with a set of Polarized Crystal Carbonate lenses for...
Native Eyewear Vim Sunglass Replacement Lens
Price: $19.95
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Expand the range of your Native Eyewear Vim Sunglasses and pick up a Replacement Lens or two.
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