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SUGOi RPM Tri Shorts - Women's
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $44.96
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Sugoi's RPM Women's Tri Shorts take you from the swim to the run to the bike in comfort. Sugoi constructed the RPM from Triflex fabric, a blend of nylon and spandex. Triflex is lightly compressive, which helps to minimize muscle fatigue, while the short's streamlined design reduces drag in water....
SUGOi RPM Tri Tank Top - Women's
Retail Price: $64.95
Our Price: $45.46
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Designed to keep you comfortable in the water and on land, Sugoi's RPM Women 's Tri Tank Top uses a blend of Triflex and Vector Stretch fabrics to provide compressive support and breathability. Triflex supports your muscles to reduce fatigue, while Vector Stretch mesh panels on the sides and back...
Thorlos Experia XCXU Ultra Lightweight Cushion Experia Coolmax Crew Sock
Retail Price: $16.95
Our Price: $7.63
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The Thorlos Experia XCXU Ultra Lightweight Cushion Experia Coolmax Crew Sock is tailored for performance. Hit the pavement with a little extra air in your step thanks to the thin cushion in the ball and heel. It'll give you better blister protection than the other socks in the sock drawer. The...
TYR Carbon 6in Tri Shorts - Women's
Price: $119.95
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In recent years, we've come to realize that all things are improved with carbon, even apparel. Case in point is the TYR Carbon 6in Women's Tri Shorts. By integrating carbon into the fabric, TYR made the Carbon softer, cooler, and more breathable than standard triathlon gear. It all comes down to...
TYR Carbon Tank Top - Women's
Price: $109.95
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Tri gear has to do a lot, but there's never an excuse for obscene chafing halfway into the run. Luckily, though, the California-based TYR's Carbon Women's Tri Tank is the remedy for our discontent. To make the Carbon, TYR incorporated a blend of nylon and spandex. Why? Well, it all comes down to...
TYR Competitor 6in Tri Shorts - Women's
Price: $71.95
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Come race day, you need every advantage that you're able to get. However, when it comes to triathlon shorts, matching an advantage with a disadvantage is common practice. By this, we mean that shorts that're fast on land are typically slow in the water. Conversely, shorts that are comfortable are...
TYR Competitor 8in Tri Women's Shorts
Retail Price: $75.95
Our Price: $34.18
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On the surface, triathlon shorts seem like a simple concept. However, once you take all three disciplines into account, a myriad of potential problems present themselves. Lucky for you, TYR is out of the pool and into the triathlon world. And with its Competitor 8in Tri Women's Shorts, you gain...
TYR Competitor Front Zipper Tri Suit - Women's
Price: $119.95
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If you've ever expressed disappointment in your triathlon race apparel, we understand why. When you think about it, creating one piece to function throughout three disciplines is quite the challenge. And while we applaud the industry's ambition to do so, we're generally disappointed with the...
TYR Competitor Support Bra - Women's
Price: $53.95
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Comfort and support are key when you're trying to hammer out long training runs or beat your triathlon PR, and the TYR Competitor Support Bra delivers both in spades. Like all the pieces in TYR's Competitor collection, it combines fast-drying and stretchy Competitor Woven fabric with breathable...
TYR Competitor Tank Top - Women's
Retail Price: $71.95
Our Price: $28.78
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If you're going to race three disciplines for hours on end, you need your clothing to perform from start to finish. TYR's Competitor Tank Top is designed to dominate all three disciplines. TYR uses its Competitor Woven fabric for the top. This is lightweight, high stretch fabric that conforms to...
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