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TYR Competitor 8in Tri Women's Shorts
Price: $75.95
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On the surface, triathlon shorts seem like a simple concept. However, once you take all three disciplines into account, a myriad of potential problems present themselves. Lucky for you, TYR is out of the pool and into the triathlon world. And with its Competitor 8in Tri Women's Shorts, you gain...
TYR Competitor Front Zipper Tri Suit - Women's
Price: $119.95
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If you've ever expressed disappointment in your triathlon race apparel, we understand why. When you think about it, creating one piece to function throughout three disciplines is quite the challenge. And while we applaud the industry's ambition to do so, we're generally disappointed with the...
TYR Competitor Print Tri Women's Singlet
Retail Price: $71.95
Our Price: $21.59
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Too often, triathlon apparel forces you to choose comfort over quality, let alone function over the form. We've long been hoping for some kind of polyamory to occur, but until the TYR Competitor Print Tri Women's Singlet, we didn't have our hopes up. Now, feminine style is coupled with a cut and...
TYR Competitor Tank Top - Women's
Price: $71.95
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If you're going to race three disciplines for hours on end, you need your clothing to perform from start to finish. TYR's Competitor Tank Top is designed to dominate all three disciplines. TYR uses its Competitor Woven fabric for the top. This is lightweight, high stretch fabric that conforms to...
ZOOT Active Tri 8in Women's Shorts
Price: $54.95
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As you know, triathlon apparel operates on a delicate system of balances. Comfort cannot come at the expense of speed, and speed cannot come at the expense of comfort. Unfortunately, most tri shorts' designs are unbalanced, resulting in poor results, or even worse, painful irritation. However,...
ZOOT Performance Tri 4in Shorts - Women's
Price: $59.95
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If you're not comfortable racing the bike and run portions in your swimsuit, but you don't want to wear a full triathlon one-piece, the Zoot Performance Tri 4in Women's Shorts provide enough coverage to keep you modest, without hampering movement. The shorts' panels consist of both the Endura+...
ZOOT Performance Tri 6in Women's Shorts
Price: $69.95
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While it's not advisable to blindly follow the crowd, some things are popular for a reason. Case in point are the Zoot Performance Tri 6in Women's Shorts. Declared as the best selling women's triathlon shorts in Zoot's history, the Performance Tri delivers near-perfection in every aspect of its...
ZOOT Performance Tri 8in Women's Shorts
Price: $79.95
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Zoot is known for designing some of the most-loved triathlon gear in the industry. Its Performance Tri 8in Women's Shorts are no exception and stand on top of the podium when it comes to comfort and style. Zoot incorporated three different fabrics for the construction of the Performance Tri...
ZOOT Performance Tri BYOB Tank Top - Women's
Price: $64.95
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Zoot's Performance Tri BYOB Tank perfectly fits over the sports bra of your choice for all day comfort. If you're going to be racing for hours on end, especially for long course triathlon, you want to be comfortable and supported. This sometimes means wearing your own sports bra under a tri tank...
ZOOT Performance Tri Cami - Women's
Price: $69.95
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Wearing a kit that looks good while racing triathlon is all part of feeling fast. Zoot's Performance Tri Cami is a strappy little number that perfectly blends fashion and function to have you crossing the finish line in style. Zoot's Performance Tri Cami was sewn from Performance Endura Fabric....
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