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Asics Lite-Show Jacket - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $65.97
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Unless you wrap yourself in aluminum foil before you hit the street, the Asics Men's Lite-Show Jacket is the best way to be seen when you run near traffic at dusk or dawn. This lightweight jacket has all the technical chops of a stretchy, water-resistant running jacket, but it also boasts an...
CamelBak Racebak Hydration Jersey - Men's - Men's
Price: $100.00
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Trail runners, mountain bikers, and adventure racers looking for a hydration solution that's ultra-light and aerodynamic can rejoice thanks to the Camelbak Men's Racebak Hydration Jersey. Ditch your bulky backpack; it's a dinosaur in comparison to this sleeveless jersey with an integrated...
CamelBak Racebak Hydration Jersey - Women's - Men's
Price: $100.00
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When you are on your bike, the two of you meld into an aerodynamic machine that's designed to devour miles and cut through the air. The CamelBak Women's Racebak Hydration Jersey is a thermo-regulating base layer that features an integrated 70-ounce water bladder so that your speed machine stays...
CW-X Endurance Generator Tights - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $169.95
Our Price: $135.96
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You're on mile 12 of the epic 24-mile Berryman Trail and the CW-X Men's Endurance Generator Tights is there with you, providing extra stability with every twist and turn in the winding trail. The EXO-Stretch body fabric offers four-way stretch support as it wicks away moisture and gives UV...
CW-X Expert Tight - Men's - Men's
Price: $84.95
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CW-X Men's Full-Length Conditioning Tights belong to a new class of high-performance equipment known as conditioning wear. This clothing is engineered to provide a host of benefits to your body, including key muscle group support, increased endurance, shorter recovery times after exercise, lactic...
CW-X Insulator Endurance Pro Tights - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $134.95
Our Price: $107.96
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If your regular routine calls for long-distance runs, you can keep up with your schedule no matter what the weather's doing with the CW-X Insulator Endurance Pro Tights. In addition to offering the light insulation of the WarmStretch fabric, these tights feature a wind-proof, water-repellent...
CW-X Insulator Stabilyx 3/4 Tights - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $104.95
Our Price: $83.96
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The CW-X Insulator Stabilyx 3/4 Tights offer tech-backed design for optimal performance during your cardio pursuits. Stretch Conditioning Web fabric provides specific joint support to minimize stress during a high-intensity workout. Variable compression encourages circulation and reduces lactic...
CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tight - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $124.95
Our Price: $99.96
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Thanks to insulated support and a windproof panel, the CW-X Men's Insulator Stabiliyx Tights keep your legs comfortable and your muscles warm. Having warm muscles helps your performance on long cold-weather runs and cross-country ski treks.
CW-X Tri-Short - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $69.95
Our Price: $41.97
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CW-X created the Men's Tri-Short to provide targeted muscle support for triathlon training and racing. Flat seams and smooth nylon make this short feel smooth on the outside while Lycra banding offers light compressive support that aids muscle recovery and reduces fatigue. And to truly entice the...
CW-X Ventilator Web Tri-Top - Sleeveless - Men's - Men's
Price: $89.95
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CW-X created the Men's Ventilator Web Tri-Top specifically for triathletes who want a sleeveless top with the added benefit of muscular support. This synthetic top breathes, dries quickly, protects your skin from the sun, and stretches for ultimate mobility. An integrated, elastic support...
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