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Capo Lombardia Wind Boot - Men's
Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $31.99
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The Capo Lombardia Wind Booties work hard to keep your feet comfortable and warm. Constructed using breathable WindTex material, the Lombardia Wind Booties make sure you can hammer through the coldest winter days--whether you live in Lombardia or Lincoln, Nebraska. Reinforced heels and toes add...
Capo Piemonte Wind Booties - Men's
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $17.39
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The Capo Piemonte Wind Bootie solves your frozen-foot dilemma. Slip it over your kicks and be prepared to actually still feel your foot in two hours. Constructed using WindTex material, the Piemonte Wind Bootie is here to do one thing--protect from the elements so you can get on with your training.
Capo SL Cordura Shoe Covers - Men's
Price: $29.95
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With a 15cm cuff and a durable Cordura nylon construction, Capo's SL Cordura Shoe Covers are a versatile necessity for shoulder season riding. While you'll probably want something a little burlier if you plan on riding through snow or temperatures hovering near freezing, the SL is a great three...
Castelli Aero Nano Shoe Covers - Men's
Price: $59.95
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When you're shivering on the start line, waiting for the announcers to painstakingly work their way through mispronouncing every name in the call-ups as the rain slowly seeps through every layer of kit, the last thing you want to worry about is soggy, heavy shoes off the line and a cold squish in...
Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers MR - Men's
Retail Price: $69.95
Our Price: $40.99
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This isn't just any shoe cover. The design of the Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers MR began last season at the Tour de France's prologue. Using technical fabrics and a sleek design, Castelli has created possibly the most aerodynamic shoe cover on the market. Using CFD computer modeling, Castelli...
Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers MR - Men's
Price: $69.95
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Your TT rig is prepped for the race with a set of deep-dish wheels and perfectly placed aerobars while a pointy helmet and dimpled skinsuit wait in the wings. Now you just need a set of fast shoe covers to streamline the bumps from those bulky ratchets and seam edges. Utilizing technical fabrics...
Castelli Belgian Bootie 4 Shoe Covers - Men's
Price: $24.95
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The Belgian Bootie 4 serves Castelli's pros well from cool fall road rides all the way through winter to the 'cross spring classics. While that's fine for the pros, the Belgian Bootie 4 gives the self-sponsored one feature that the pros don't share--four different colorways to choose from....
Castelli Body Paint 2 Tri Top - Men's
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $59.98
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The Castelli Men's Body Paint 2 Tri Top effortlessly transitions from swim to bike to run stages without leaving you a sopping mess. Its ultralight, stretchy Velocity fabric dries quickly once you leave the water for maximum comfort. The top also reflects scalding-hot UV rays with its...
Castelli Body Paint SR Tri Suit - Sleeveless - Men's
Retail Price: $249.95
Our Price: $124.97
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When it's race day, you want a suit that's as meticulously prepared as you are. With the Body Paint SR Tri Suit, Castelli incorporates its Sanremo technology to give you all the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic benefits of a one piece with the ability to remove it faster for bio breaks. The suit also...
Castelli Body Paint Tri Sleeveless Men's Jersey
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $44.98
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Engineered to provide cross functionality for each leg of your race, the Castelli Body Paint Tri Sleeveless Jersey is fast drying, highly elastic, and soft against the skin. This is due primarily to its microfiber, Body Paint tri fabric, but its one-piece design contributes significantly as well....
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