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Pinarello FP Quattro/Shimano Ultegra Di2 Complete Road Bike -
Retail Price: $5500.00
Our Price: $4015.00
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Pinarello has never been content to reserve their award-winning asymmetrical frame design for top-shelf offerings like the Dogma or Paris. 2012 marks another huge forward leap for the Pinarello FP Quattro, as the frame is granted an even larger slice of the Dogma's storied pedigree. And, combined...
Pinarello Razha/Shimano 105 Complete Road Bike
Price: $2450.00
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No one's going to argue that sports-car-like handling, the most advanced and exotic featherweight materials, as well as the utmost rigidity are ever undesirable traits in a race bike. But the reality is that not everybody is searching for a bicycle built solely to win the longest and hardest...
Pinarello ROKH 30.12 Think 2/Shimano Ultegra Complete Road Bike
Price: $3750.00
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With a collection of road machines claiming more grand tour wins in the last few years than any other manufacturer, Pinarello decided to pour its winning recipes into a new, wide-audience-reaching, gran fondo-esque design. Called the ROKH 30. 12 Think 2, this all-around machine was designed with...
Ridley Fenix/Campagnolo Record Complete Road Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $5295.00
Our Price: $4229.00
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The wait is over for a ProTour-level build from the masterminds at Ridley. After carefully selecting their renowned carbon Fenix frameset as a starting platform, they built up the machine using a sound blend of some of the best components available. With a top-shelf Campy drivetrain, Deda cockpit...
Ridley Fenix/Shimano Ultegra Complete Road Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $3395.00
Our Price: $1999.00
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Ridley is best known for two things -- Belgian pride and incredibly fast race bikes. So, what do you get when some of the hardest folks in cycling combine the best attributes of the Damocles and the Excalibur? The result is the Ridley Fenix/ Shimano Ultegra Complete Road Bike. And while its...
Ridley Helium RS/SRAM Force Complete Road Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $4195.00
Our Price: $2799.00
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After successfully increasing the Damocles' stiffness and stability, while dramatically reducing its overall weight, Ridley's engineers emerged with what would become known as the Helium. At nearly 300 grams lighter than the Damocles, it's a frame that was bred for the mountains. Not surprisingly...
Ridley Helium SL/Shimano Ultegra Complete Road Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $5695.00
Our Price: $3986.00
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Ridley's engineers set out on a new mission right on the heels of the Helium's release. The goal was to maintain the stiffness and stability of the proven original, while at the same time reducing its overall weight. The result of their efforts is the aptly-titled Helium SL. At around 1050 grams...
Wilier Cento1 Air/Shimano Dura-Ace - Ultegra 11 Complete Road Bike - 2014
Price: $4999.00
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In case you've been living under a rock, the age of the aero road bike is upon us, which makes Wilier's timing perfect in introducing the Cento1 Air Dura-Ace - Ultegra 11 Complete Road Bike. As the next evolution of the Cento1 SR, you already know that this is a thoroughbred that loves to go fast...
Wilier Cento1 Air/Shimano Ultegra 11 Di2 Complete Road Bike - 2014
Price: $4999.00
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Aerodynamic road bikes have been a staple of racers' quivers for quite some time. The caveat has always been a trade-off between wind cheating aerodynamics, power transmission, and a bike that handles with grace and finesse. Wilier's Centro1 Air is the next iteration in the Cento1 series and the...
Wilier GTS/Shimano Ultegra 11 Complete Road Bike - 2014
Price: $2599.00
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Wilier puts it, "The spirit of the Gran Turismo is embodied in the soul of the GTS." What the Italian frame manufacturer really means is that its new GTS was developed for riders who want that lively race feel in their road machines, but without the aggressive race fit. To achieve this, Wilier...
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