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Diamondback Podium 700c Complete Road Bike - 2016
Retail Price: $600.00
Our Price: $480.00
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Young riders aspiring to race their way to a podium finish on the road need a bike they can depend on. Far too often, youth bikes are built with unreliable, clunky parts that leave kids frustrated, or they cater to kids only interested in park sessions and trails. Diamondback designed its Podium...
Fuji Bicycles Altamira 2.5 Shimano 105 10sp Complete Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $2199.00
Our Price: $1143.48
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In a sport whose penchant for specialized equipment is such that riders have gone beyond just using different bikes for different stages of a race to switching bikes for different gear ratios over the course of a single day's racing, Fuji's Altamira 2. 5 Shimano 105 10sp Complete Bike is a...
GT Grade Alloy X Rival Complete Road Bike - 2016
Retail Price: $1649.99
Our Price: $1449.99
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A road bike with race geometry is great, if you're consistently racing. But on the days when you just want to head out on a long relaxing ride, with no set pace or destination in mind, the geometry of a race bike can leave your muscles feeling far from relaxed. GT created its Grade Alloy X Rival...
GT Grade Carbon 105 Complete Road Bike - 2016
Retail Price: $2499.99
Our Price: $2199.99
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Spending years hunched over a road bike, pedaling exclusively on smooth shoulders and predictable tarmac, isn't a bad way to ride, but broadening your horizons has become easier than ever with the advent of gravel frames and endurance geometry. GT took features from willowy road frames and...
GT Grade Carbon Ultegra Complete Road Bike - 2016
Retail Price: $3499.99
Our Price: $2999.99
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In case you haven't realized, road bikes have gotten a lot tougher in recent years. While you probably still don't want to try to duck onto an entirely unpaved descent with your twitchy carbon race frame, manufacturers have started investing in a class of bikes that bridge the gap between slammed...
GT GTS Elite 105 Complete Road Bike - 2016
Retail Price: $1199.99
Our Price: $999.99
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GT made quite a splash in the gravel grinding world with its Grade frame, and the GTS Elite 105 Complete Road Bike incorporates many of the same design features that earned the Grade so many BOTY nods. A few key differences recommend the GTS as a road-specific rather than all-terrain bike,...
Pinarello Gan Disc 105 Complete Road Bike - 2017
Price: $2850.00
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Disc brakes recently saw an abbreviated tenure in the peloton, but the rest of us are free to take advantage of increased modulation and stopping power on our daily rides. Whether you're training for a century, logging epic social miles, or hitting up a local race ride, the 2017 Gan Disc 105...
Pinarello Gan S Ultegra Complete Road Bike - 2016
Retail Price: $3950.00
Our Price: $3475.00
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A good portion of the cycling world spent the last year dreaming of the Dogma F8 with its classic Italian styling and industry-leading design while bemoaning its weighty price tag. This year, those Pinarello dreams can come true with the new Gan line of road bikes, which draws heavily on the...
Pinarello Marvel Ultegra Complete Road Bike - 2015
Retail Price: $3850.00
Our Price: $2233.00
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The Pinarello Marvel Ultegra Complete Bike you see here is clearly borne from the same lineage as the Dogma you see raced around the world. Pinarello knows, though, that not everyone makes a living racing bikes, so it created a more-accessible version that's still right at home on big climbs,...
Pinarello Mercurio Sora Complete Road Bike - 2016
Price: $1950.00
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Maybe more than any other manufacturer, Pinarello has demonstrated a brazen willingness to deviate from classic tube and frame shapes. Instead of the more traditionally shaped frames underwriting the brand's legacy, contemporary Pinarello stays, forks, and top tubes tend to "flow," using...
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