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Assos Campionissimo G.731 Goomah Carbon ISP Frameset
Retail Price: $4199.00
Our Price: $1999.00
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When a company spends years developing a frameset strictly for internal use and for its club team, then decides to produce it in limited numbers for public consumption, our attention is captured immediately. Witness the Assos equipeCampionissimo G. 731 Goomah Carbon ISP Frameset, its layers of...
Bianchi Infinito CV Disc
Price: $3499.00
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As the top model in Bianchi's C2C (Coast 2 Coast) lineup, the Infinito CV was designed to cover long distances with maximum speed and minimum fatigue. This isn't a touring bike; rather, it rethinks traditional assumptions about what it means to be a "racing" bike by focusing on a less stressed...
Bianchi Infinito CV Road Bike Frame
Price: $3499.00
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With the original Infinito laying the groundwork by Bianchi engineers for their professional team riders, the next step was incorporating a new material into the frame's composition for an even better vibration-damping road feel. Countervail, a patented material developed by Materials Science...
Bianchi Oltre XR Electronic Road Bike Frame
Retail Price: $4999.99
Our Price: $2999.00
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Think of your cycling heroes -- Olmo, Coppi, Gimondi, and Pantani. Now, think of the records that could have been set had they been riding the Bianchi Oltre XR Electronic Road Bike Frame instead of lugged steel or aluminum -- Coppi would have crushed it. Lighter, stiffer, and faster than ever...
Bianchi Oltre XR.2 Road Bike Frame
Price: $4999.00
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Improving on something that's already been scrupulously refined is never easy, but Bianchi somehow managed to do just that with its new top-end road machine. It's called the Oltre XR. 2, and it's the same frame put to the test by the Vacansoleil-DCM riders last season, which, not surprisingly,...
Bianchi Sempre Carbon
Retail Price: $2199.00
Our Price: $1978.99
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The word "sempre" in the Bianchi Sempre Pro Carbon Road Bike Frameset's name translates into always, and we're inclined to think that it's fitting. That's because the Sempre Pro draws on almost 150 years of Italian heritage, as well as the very best of modern composite engineering, and the result...
Boardman Bikes Elite 9.8 SLR Di2 Road Bike Frame -
Retail Price: $2100.00
Our Price: $1574.99
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The European peloton nicknamed Chris Boardman "The Professor" in the early '90s, due to his intense focus on all of the small details associated with bicycle equipment and training. This meticulous personality trait paid off for the British cyclist, as he went on to claim a gold medal in the...
Boardman Bikes Elite AiR 9.8 - 2014
Price: $2600.00
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Winning the Individual Pursuit at the '92 games as well as breaking the hour record on three occasions required not only exceptional physical and physiological talent, it also meant attention to all the details of aerodynamics with his bikes. To this end Chris Boardman has always had a keen eye...
Boardman Bikes Elite SLR 9.8 Road Bike Frame - 2014
Price: $2200.00
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Chris Boardman, the Individual Pursuit gold medalist at the '92 games and three-time hour record holder was, and still is, somewhat obsessed with aerodynamic research and development. At the same time, he's equally concerned with building the stiffest and lightest bicycles possible. His latest...
Boardman Bikes Elite SLS 9.8 Road Bike Frame - 2014
Price: $2000.00
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Sure, you want a lightweight bike. Who doesn't? But, if the frame design compromises handling and for the sake of a few grams, is it worth it? Chris Boardman, British cyclist, three-time hour record holder, Tour prologue winner and gold medalist at the '92 games, was nicknamed "The Professor" for...
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