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Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Road Frameset - 2017
Price: $3199.99
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The 2017 Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Road Frameset is redefining how we conceptualize race bikes. In stark contrast to the super-aggressive, slammed geometries we so often associate with racing, this frameset offers a more relaxed position with a slightly taller head tube and elongated wheelbase for...
Bianchi Infinito CV Road Frameset - 2017
Price: $3199.99
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Designed to cover long distances at speed, the 2017 Bianchi Infinito CV Road Frameset marks a strategic re-thinking of how we define racing bikes by shifting the focus to a less stressed riding position with relaxed geometry without sacrificing efficiency or power transfer. For the Infinito, this...
Bianchi Oltre XR.2 Road Bike Frameset - 2017
Price: $4999.00
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True to its name, the Bianchi Oltre XR. 2 Road Bike Frameset went so far beyond the expectations of what a racing frameset could be that there is little to change about it for the new model year. It still has the same WorldTour properties of the frameset ridden by last year's Belkin team, and it...
Bianchi Oltre XR4 Road Bike Frameset - 2017
Price: $4499.99
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Though it's only been an official model in Bianchi's line-up since summer, the Oltre XR. 4 Road Bike Frameset haunted the peloton throughout 2016 as a series of all-purpose prototypes beneath the black and yellow jerseys of LottoNL-Jumbo. We won't spill Bianchi's beans, but spot-checking images...
Bianchi Specialissima Road Frameset - 2017
Price: $4999.99
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Bianchi's celeste green holds a special place in the hearts of many a cyclist since its hue is splashed across decades of classic Italian bicycles found in everything from local tweed rides to the high mountains of the grand tours. This year, Bianchi adds a modern featherweight to its line with...
Boardman Bikes Elite SLR Endurance 9.8 Road Frameset - 2016
Retail Price: $1999.99
Our Price: $1559.99
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For 2016, Boardman's SLR Endurance line breaks free from its former SLS gran fondo neighborhood and heads over to the SLR's sleek racing high-rise. While lightweight carbon construction means the Elite SLR Endurance 9. 8 Road Frameset is bred to race, its more upright geometry gives the bike...
Colnago C60 Disc Road Frameset-2015
Retail Price: $6199.95
Our Price: $3409.97
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While the pro peloton is just beginning to take tentative steps toward a possible inclusion of disc brakes for the 2017 season, Colnago -- true to form -- has already anticipated cycling's future by perfecting road disc technology in the C60 Disc Road Frameset. Ernesto Colnago's company was the...
Colnago C60 Road Frameset-2016
Retail Price: $5999.95
Our Price: $3599.97
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Since the release of the renowned C40 in the 1980s, Colnago has been meticulously redefining what it means to build a bike with carbon fiber. Colnago C60 Road Frameset is next step in what has been a decades long process. The C60 combines the power you'll need for hard kicks and uphill sprints...
Colnago V1-R Disc Road Framset - 2016
Retail Price: $4699.95
Our Price: $2349.97
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For over half a century now, the Colnago name has been synonymous with industry-defining innovation, whether it's the steel Master that reinvented racing geometry or the legendary C40 that certified carbon for even the most punishing races. True to this history, the all-new V1-R Disc Road...
Colnago V1-R Road Framset-2015
Retail Price: $4599.95
Our Price: $2759.97
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We typically associate the name Colnago with tradition, history, and lugged joints. From the steel Master we fell in love with in our youths to the legendary C40 that made carbon viable in even the most punishing races, lugged construction has long been Colnago's signature. The all-new V1-R Road...
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