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Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 Road Bike Frame - 2014
Price: $5300.00
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With the original Dogma reaching the top of the asymmetrical design pedestal, Pinarello's engineers were still possessed to relentlessly press on towards race-tuned perfection. In fact, it seems that Pinarello made this its destiny, tirelessly refining what many already called perfect. This...
Pinarello Dogma F8
Price: $5750.00
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Conceptualizing the 8th edition of Pinarello's revered Dogma platform originated last summer, at that time when the Italian brand's proven Dogma 65. 1 was in the process of claiming yet another victory at le Tour under Team Sky's command. It was there that two of the UK squad's top sponsors...
Pinarello Dogma Hydro 65.1 Think 2 Road Bike Frame - 2015
Price: $5300.00
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Pinarello is a true Italian company, and in the spirit of a country obsessed with style, the engineers at Pinarello are possessed to relentlessly pursue perfection -- even if the product has already reached a pinnacle in the eyes of onlookers. Such is the case with the Dogma. Working with...
Pinarello KOBH Road Bike Frame -
Retail Price: $4500.00
Our Price: $2599.00
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Upon its unveiling, the Pinarello Dogma Carbon proved to be the most coveted frameset in recent (and not-so-recent) memory. If test riding one made you dizzy with desire, it seemed that simply being near one did the same. Is it the asymmetric tubing design? Is it the scintillating paint? Is it...
Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 Think2 Road Bike Frame
Retail Price: $2750.00
Our Price: $2474.99
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Being a little brother in the Pinarello family is tough, especially when the shoes that you have to fill are those of the Dogma 65. 1 Think2. However, the Pinarello Paris 50. 1. 5 Think2 Road Bike Frame occupies the next limb on the family tree with incredible grace and strength. New to this year...
Ridley Fenix Road Bike Frame
Retail Price: $1794.95
Our Price: $1299.00
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In Greek mythology, the phoenix is one to rise from the ashes of its prior self. However, given that this is just the introduction of what's sure to become an iconic breed of all 'rounder frames, the cyclical nature of the phoenix has yet to occur. That is on paper, at least. In practice, the...
Ridley Fenix Road Bike Frame - 2014
Retail Price: $1795.00
Our Price: $1346.00
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While aerodynamics are impressive, especially in the likes of Ridley's Noah Fast, sometimes the roads you ride require comfort to be first and foremost. A stiff frame is important, but the ability to dampen road vibration keeps two wheels firmly on the ground, creating stability and...
Ridley Helium Road Bike Frame - 2014
Retail Price: $2595.00
Our Price: $1946.00
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Following in the success of the Damocles, Ridley's goal was to create a true climbing machine -- a bike with increased stiffness and stability that would also reign as one of the lightest bikes in the industry. The result is the aptly named Helium, and although it's not technically lighter than...
Ridley Helium SL - 2014
Retail Price: $3695.00
Our Price: $2771.00
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Every frame company wants to tout that it has the lightest frame in the industry. And yet, constructing an ultra-light frame just to be ogled by blogs and techies doesn't serve much of a purpose unless the ride is also something to behold. Ridley Bikes has constructed the Helium SL, which sits...
Ridley Helium SL Road Frameset - 2015
Price: $3999.00
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Shedding the grams from a frame design in the name of creating an ultralight deluxe-o-matic whatever model often results in either a flimsy, flexy frameset that's too easy to overpower, or a stiff, jittery one that's lost its ride quality -- thankfully, the engineers who designed the Ridley...
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