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Colnago CX Zero Evo Road Frameset-2015
Price: $2999.00
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With the CX Zero Evo Road Frameset, Colnago is throwing its expertise and pedigree behind the new breed of so-called endurance frames that have become popular in the pro peloton. As it's used here, "endurance" actually means grueling days in the saddle when the pros want a frame that'll...
Colnago Master Road Framset-2015
Price: $3499.00
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Even in cycling (or especially in cycling), trends come and go. For years, steel was the standard material for the frame builder. Aluminum became the gold standard in the '70s, then titanium. These days, even mid-range models are being built with carbon fiber. Through it all, one manufacturer has...
Colnago Strada SL Road Frameset-2015
Price: $1349.00
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These days it's hard to imagine a race-ready frameset that uses any material besides the ubiquitous black fabric, but Colnago's Strada SL Road Frameset isn't built for those kind of daydream exercises. Rather than imagining an ideal race setup, the Strada SL provides it. It's lightweight, stiff,...
Colnago V1-R Disc Road Framset - 2015
Price: $4849.00
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For over half a century now, the Colnago name has been synonymous with industry-defining innovation, whether it's the steel Master that reinvented racing geometry or the legendary C40 that certified carbon for even the most punishing races. True to this history, the all-new V1-R Disc Road...
Colnago V1-R Road Framset-2015
Price: $4749.00
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We typically associate the name Colnago with tradition, history, and lugged joints. From the steel Master we fell in love with in our youths to the legendary C40 that made carbon viable in even the most punishing races, lugged construction has long been Colnago's signature. The all-new V1-R Road...
De Rosa Idol Road Frameset - 2015
Retail Price: $3995.00
Our Price: $2199.00
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The name De Rosa conjures a certain sense of romance that extends beyond the cardioid imagery of the logo, encompassing both the golden history of cycling and, with the latest model of the recently revived Idol Road Frameset, the design innovations that will define the sport's future. It's rare...
LeMond Limited Edition 1989 Road Bike Frameset - 2014
Retail Price: $4449.00
Our Price: $2799.00
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After claiming the '86 Tour atop a custom carbon fiber frame, there was no going back for LeMond. He'd proven to the world that both he and carbon fiber bicycles were there to stay in professional bicycle racing. The man responsible for building the revolutionary carbon machines for LeMond and...
LeMond Limited Edition 1990 Road Bike Frameset - 2014
Retail Price: $4449.00
Our Price: $3199.00
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It was the summer of 1990, and "LeMonster" was in form to gobble the peloton for the second year in a row. With the confidence of two previous Tour wins and his new powerhouse Team "Z" on his side, LeMond was armed to defend the title. We're all aware of the rest of the story, with that...
Merckx EXM Road Bike Frameset
Retail Price: $3500.00
Our Price: $1099.99
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The name displayed on the downtube of the EXM Road Bike Frame - 2008 represents a cycling legend with more than 500 victories to his name, 54 of which were claimed in a single season. It's safe to say that with these credentials, Mr. Merckx and his team of engineers know a few things about what...
Pinarello Dogma 2 Road Bike Frameset -
Retail Price: $6100.00
Our Price: $4299.99
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At the same moment in the 2011 Tour de France when Thomas Voeckler veered from the tarmac into a vacant driveway near the bottom of the descent into Pinerolo, Edvald Boasson Hagen joyously threw up his hands in victory. It was a redemptive stage for Team Sky as their early tour hopes were...
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