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Colnago C60 Road Frameset-2015
Price: $6199.00
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Ever since Colnago set the cycling world on its head in the 1980s by building a carbon bike, no carbon frame has been as universally celebrated as the C40. Now, after more than a decade of development that spanned the C40, the C50, and the C59, Colnago is once again redefining our expectations...
Colnago CLD Women's Road Framset-2015
Price: $2469.00
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Ernesto Colnago's passion for cycling means his company works with the most talented cyclists in the world, including his countrywoman and former world champion Bronzini. The world-beating likes of Bronzini ride Colnago's flagship frames, but the Colnago CLD Road Frameset means that those of us...
Colnago CX Zero Evo Disc Road Frameset-2015
Price: $3199.00
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One bit of trivia that isn't commonly known about Ernesto Colnago -- but that has an impact that's common across the line of bicycles that bear his name -- is that his own racing aspirations ended with a crash and a broken femur. Because of his personal history, Colnago has often privileged...
Colnago CX Zero Evo Road Frameset-2015
Price: $2999.00
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With the CX Zero Evo Road Frameset, Colnago is throwing its expertise and pedigree behind the new breed of so-called endurance frames that have become popular in the pro peloton. As it's used here, "endurance" actually means grueling days in the saddle when the pros want a frame that'll...
Colnago Master Road Framset-2015
Price: $3499.00
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When you throw a leg over the top tube of Colnago's Master Road Frameset, you're stepping over the divide between eras. The Master was first manufactured in the 1980s, and its construction hasn't changed much since -- even the assembly jigs used are the same. In an industry where marketing hype...
Colnago V1-R Road Framset-2015
Price: $4749.00
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We typically associate the name Colnago with tradition, history, and lugged joints. From the steel Master we fell in love with in our youths to the legendary C40 that made carbon viable in even the most punishing races, lugged construction has long been Colnago's signature. The all-new V1-R Road...
LeMond Limited Edition 1989 Road Bike Frameset - 2014
Retail Price: $4449.00
Our Price: $2999.99
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After claiming the '86 Tour atop a custom carbon fiber frame, there was no going back for LeMond. He'd proven to the world that both he and carbon fiber bicycles were there to stay in professional bicycle racing. The man responsible for building the revolutionary carbon machines for LeMond and...
LeMond Limited Edition 1990 Road Bike Frameset - 2014
Retail Price: $4449.00
Our Price: $2999.99
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It was the summer of 1990, and "LeMonster" was in form to gobble the peloton for the second year in a row. With the confidence of two previous Tour wins and his new powerhouse Team "Z" on his side, LeMond was armed to defend the title. We're all aware of the rest of the story, with that...
Merckx EMX-5 Road Bike Frameset
Retail Price: $3750.00
Our Price: $1249.99
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The Cannibal never needs a formal introduction, but his collections of bicycles -- produced with some of the most advanced technological innovations -- are so good that they deserve to be carefully addressed. The Quick-Step boys were in on the Belgian's secrets from the get-go, as they rode the...
Merckx EXM Road Bike Frameset
Retail Price: $3500.00
Our Price: $899.99
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The name displayed on the downtube of the EXM Road Bike Frame - 2008 represents a cycling legend with more than 500 victories to his name, 54 of which were claimed in a single season. It's safe to say that with these credentials, Mr. Merckx and his team of engineers know a few things about what...
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