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Club Ride Apparel Damselcham Liner Short - Women's
Price: $39.95
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Club Ride Apparel was born in the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho. A ski resort and the Old West rolled into one, Sun Valley has miles and miles of singletrack to test the prowess of Club Ride's apparel. Some days, though, you only get to ride into town to run errands. For these rides, where you...
Club Ride Apparel Jewel Cycling Bikini Brief - Women's
Price: $34.95
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Bumpy bike paths can do a number on an unprotected posterior, but what if you have post-ride plans and don't want to be wearing a clunky chamois? Club Ride's there for you with the Jewel Cycling Bikini Brief, which combines a comfortable wear-all-day design with a minimal and flexible Quicky...
Club Ride Apparel Joy Ride Knickers - Women's
Retail Price: $89.95
Our Price: $62.96
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It's a rare item that can navigate the gap between hanging out and working out, but Club Ride has perfected the art of multi-application clothing with the Joy Ride Knickers. With their blend of contemporary styling and athletic functionality, the Joy Rides transition effortlessly from on the bike...
Club Ride Apparel Montcham Short - Women's
Price: $59.95
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When you head out on a ride, you don't want to be disappointed halfway into your descent by a chamois that just isn't sitting right. It's enough work already to blast your way over root-lattices and up vertical walls of dirt; an ill-fitting chamois has no place on the trails. If you've already...
Club Ride Apparel Quick Drop Short - Women's
Price: $89.95
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Club Ride Apparel's designs are often subtle solutions to cycling's biggest conundrum: What to wear in the saddle when you'll also have to be in social situations. Not the Quick Drop Women's Bib Liner. It's a rather pronounced solution to a problem that we've all experienced; namely, the...
Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Pant - Women's
Price: $79.99
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The weather woman is predicting that a cold snap is on its way, so make sure your layering drawer is up to snuff with the Craft Women's Active Extreme 2. 0 Pant. Made from a thin, lightweight stretch fabric, this pant fits easily beneath a softshell to act as a moisture-wicking layer of extra...
Craft Belle Glow Short - Women's
Price: $119.99
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With 360-degrees of tasteful reflectivity, Craft's Glow Short lives up to its mission of standing out on the roads without the use of neon prints or loud patterns. Perfect for a warm, golden hour ride along one of your favorite routes, the Glow Shorts have a simple, effective design that...
Craft Belle Solo Short - Women's
Price: $99.99
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Riding sans bib shouldn't have to mean you make sacrifices in comfort or functionality in the saddle, and we're glad to see Craft taking on bib-free shorts with its signature focus on functionality with the Belle Solo. Built with stretchy, supportive Lycra Sport Energy fabric, the Belle Solo...
Craft Glow Bib Short - Women's
Price: $149.99
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You have an endurance-building long ride coming up and you've just realized the afternoon is beginning to flirt with triple-digit temperatures. There's no going back now. Instead of languishing on the couch in the A/C, get out on the roads for the workout you planned with the Craft Glow Bib Short...
Craft Glow Bib Shorts - Women's
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $74.97
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You have a long-distance ride coming up and it looks like the afternoon is going to flirt with triple-digit temperatures. The Craft Women's Glow Bib Short is pleased to hear this. The Glow incorporates several innovative technologies to protect your muscles and increase your stamina in cycling's...
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