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Capo Cipressa Bib Short - Women's
Price: $189.95
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Whether you're racing in The Giro or training in your hometown, the Capo Women's Cipressa Bib Short brings pro-worthy features to the saddle. Carbon Lycra, HG Lycra, and Coldblack regulate your temperature so you stay comfortable hour after hour.
Capo Cipressa Women's Bib Shorts
Price: $189.95
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Attack every scenic descent like it is the legendary Cipressa on the Milan San Remo route in the Capo Cipressa Bib Shorts. The high-gauge Lycra provides additional muscle support when you're burying the needle, and the multi-density Giro HD Carbon insert will keep you comfortable, even after...
Capo Cipressa Women's Shorts
Price: $169.95
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Cipressa is the penultimate climb and blisteringly fast descent of the legendary Milan San Remo spring classic. As classical as its inspired namesake, the Capo Cipressa Short offers timeless comfort and pro-level performance, with a subtly understated Italian style that will hold its own, season...
Capo Fondo Donna Short - Women's
Price: $109.95
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The Capo Fondo Donna Short for women is not a shrink and pink version of the men's short. Its cut and chamois are designed for the women who loves to log miles but prefers the fit of shorts over bibs. The shorts were sewn from panels of Power Lycra. This material features compressive-like...
Capo Modena Donna Spin Knicker
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $32.99
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Going nowhere fast, spinning the hours away -- sometimes, no matter how hard we try, carving a niche out of the daylight hours to stomp on the pedals is impossible. It's on those days that we turn to the trusty, rusty spin bike parked in the corner of the gym to get our blood flowing. And while...
Capo Riga Donna Short - Women's
Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $63.96
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The Capo Riga Donna short is a simply designed, basic black short. But don't let that fool you. It's sewn with compressive fabric around a top-tier chamois to provide support no matter how far you may ride. While many shorts in the same price range are sewn from lightweight Lycra, Capo used...
Capo SC-12 Donna Short - Women's
Price: $149.95
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Let's face it, long base miles and races take a turn for the worse when you're caught unprepared. However, we're not talking about getting caught without a jacket in the rain --we're referring to the quality of your shorts. Lucky for you, apparel technology and fit are both improving every day....
Capo Siena Short - Women's
Price: $129.95
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An ideal all-around short, the Capo Siena is lighter weight than the Fondo Donna short but cut with the same form-flattering lines. Whether you ride long or short, inside or out, you can trust you'll be comfortable in the Siena with fabric and a insert designed to keep you going. The Capo Siena...
Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Shorts - Women's
Price: $249.95
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For years female cyclists have felt like second class citizens in the world of high-quality cycling wear, victims of the enduring misapprehension that ladies don't need top drawer stuff when they are riding. Though some brands have given lip service to the idea of 'women-specific' items, only...
Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Short - Women's
Price: $199.95
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In spite of the fact that Castelli makes a wonderfully comfortable pair of women's bib shorts, there are still all sorts of reasons why you may still prefer bib-less shorts. Whether you're looking for comfort or simplicity, or both, you'll get them from the Castelli Body Paint 2. 0 Women's Shorts...
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