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2XU Compression Calf Guard - Men's
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $26.00
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If you're looking to try out compression to help with nagging shin splints or achy calves but aren't crazy about the idea of wearing extra fabric while you race, we'd recommend trying 2XU's Compression Calf Guards as a more minimal option. Lightweight PWX FLEX compression fabric provides support...
2XU Elite MCS Calf Guards
Price: $54.95
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If you're training for a race, chances are good that you've dealt with tight calf muscles in some way. Whether you're alternating between swimming, biking, and running for a tri or logging higher-than-average miles for a longer ride or race, your calves have their work cut out for them, and...
2XU MCS Elite Compression Arm Guards
Price: $59.95
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Calf muscles seem to get all the focus from compression gear, but the muscles in your arms can benefit just as much from the improved circulation and support that compression can deliver. 2XU provides you with the opportunity to show your arms some love with the MCS Elite Compression Arm Guards,...
2XU Performance Run Sleeve
Price: $39.95
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The benefits of compression garments like the 2XU Performance Run Sleeves are something of a hot topic in sports science these days, with some studies supporting the claimed benefits while the skeptical are left wondering if it's all just superstition. This divide is partly because of popular...
Assos Armfoil_evo8
Price: $49.00
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Shield your slim cycling guns from the sun on your next ride with the Assos Armfoil_evo8 arm sleeves, and even if the air around you is scorching, you'll stay cool and dry. Assos listened closely to feedback from cyclists in warmer regions seeking sleeves they could use through the summer months,...
Assos armProtector_S7 Arm Warmers
Price: $39.00
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Sleeves like these Assos armProtectors are ideal protection on hot days. For some it is anathema to summer. My Vitamin D! But when you have to protect your skin, a summer sleeve is the way to go. These armProtectors are closer to 'coolers' than they are to 'warmers,' as they're so thin you'll...
Assos armWarmer_evo7 Arm Warmers
Price: $49.00
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Protect your arms on cool mornings and long mountain descents with the Assos armWarmer_evo7 Arm Warmers. Made from thermal, elastic, and breathable RX Light fabric, these warmers add versatility to your kit with cozy warmth when you need it, and their excellent packability means they'll tuck away...
Assos kneeWarmer_evo7 Knee Warmers
Price: $49.00
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The kneeWarmer_evo7 Knee Warmers combine the beautiful simplicity of classic warmers with Assos' obsessive attention to detail, and they feature the same RX Light fabric used on the back of the early winter LL. milleTights. RX Light provides the kind of insulation you'll want in conditions where...
Assos legWarmer_evo7 Leg Warmers
Price: $89.00
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Keep your legs warm on chilly fall rides and long, winding descents with the Assos legWarmer_evo7 Leg Warmers. Made from thermal, elastic, and breathable RX Medium fabric with a water-resistant coating, these warmers add versatility to your kit with cozy warmth and weather-blocking functionality....
Bell Annex MIPS Helmet
Retail Price: $124.95
Our Price: $93.71
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Rather than continue to sit, miserable and tightly wound, in rush hour traffic five days a week, years of "I should", "I could", and "I'd really like to" have finally given way to a solid resolution to commute by bike. Commuting involves a decent amount of gear, and one piece you won't want to...
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