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Giro Sonnet Helmet - Women's
Price: $89.95
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Designed for the rider who appreciates comfort and protection, the Giro Women's Sonnet Helmet has a low-profile design that still packs in excellent ventilation. The Sonnet's In-Mold technology bonds a tough outer polycarbonate shell to an impact-absorbing expanded polystyrene liner. The result...
Giro Sonnet MIPS Helmet - Women's
Price: $109.95
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Thanks to a partnership with the impact experts at MIPS, Giro went on an epic quest of refining head protection to perfection, which has taken another step in the right direction. The lyrically named Giro Sonnet MIPS Helmet is the product of Giro's collaboration with MIPS, a project that spanned...
Giro Strada Massa Supergel Gloves - Women's
Price: $34.95
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Dr. Giro has the cure for cyclists who want to feel their handlebars without suffering the fatigue-inducing vibrations from a rough road or a washboard trail. The prescription is the Strada Massa Supergel Gloves, which apply medical technology to cure the symptoms of excessive bike chatter. The...
Giro Sutton Helmet
Price: $79.95
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If there were a cycling equivalent of the all-purpose black T-Shirt, the Giro Sutton Helmet may be it. Its design is simple and straightforward: this is a bike helmet, and it does bike helmet things. No frills. No Euro-pro gimmicks. Just 100% unadulterated helmet. The Sutton's subtlety means it...
Giro Sutton MIPS Helmet
Price: $99.95
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Sutton MIPS Helmet
Giro Synthe Helmet
Price: $249.95
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In setting out to design the all-new Synthe Helmet, Giro's stated aim was to eliminate the false choice between aerodynamics and ventilation. It apparently worked. According to the world-class Marianne Vos, the Synthe is "perfect for every race. You don't have to choose between the two anymore,...
Giro Tessa Glove - Women's
Retail Price: $25.95
Our Price: $11.68
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Supple after repeated soakings, breathable on hot days, and protective when sampling dirt, the Tessa Women's Cycling Glove's Clarino synthetic leather palm adds undeniable comfort and protection to your ride.
Giro Tessa LF Women's Gloves
Retail Price: $29.95
Our Price: $13.48
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It's nice to put your hands down and have a tough barrier between ground peppered with sharp rocks and your tender paws--remember you do need them for other things besides outdoor adventure. Slide your hands into the Giro Tessa LF Women's Cycling Glove and they'll be protected in the event of a...
Giro Trinity Helmet
Price: $39.95
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When you break it down, a cycling helmet is actually a pretty simple affair. Behind the acronyms and camel-case, proprietary technologies are three basic elements: a polycarbonate shell, an EPS foam body, and an adjustable retention system. The Giro Trinity Helmet incorporates all three, with the...
Gore Bike Wear Countdown 2.0 Summer Women's Gloves
Price: $45.95
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Like the mountain itself, summer plays by a different set of rules. We're commonly faced with making decision between excess protection at the cost of overheating, or too little protection at the cost of breathability. Luckily, though, Gore Bike Wear's Countdown apparel series addresses this very...
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