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Catlike Mixino Movistar Team Helmet
Price: $298.99
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Weight-to-strength is a careful balance, and when it comes to helmet design, strength simply must not be overlooked, even if it means wearing a few extra grams on your head. Protection, after all, is a helmet's primary function. Catlike pushes the design envelope while continually increasing the...
Catlike Mixino VD2.0 Helmet
Retail Price: $334.99
Our Price: $233.80
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Aero road helmets are all the rage and Catlike wasn't going to be left with the grupetto. It took its highly successful Mixino Helmet and redefined it into the cutting-edge, wind-cheating Mixino VD2. 0 -- all the features of the original, just faster. Catlike is best known for its high protection...
Catlike Tako Helmet
Price: $79.99
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To most Americans, Catlike might only conjure up images of the professional peloton. However, Europeans have long known that Catlike also produces helmets, like the mountain-focused Tako Helmet, that extend well beyond its road racing roots. The Tako is a slightly modified version of the...
Catlike Whisper Helmet
Retail Price: $224.95
Our Price: $134.97
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At its core, a helmet's purpose is fairly transparent -- avoid a trip to the hospital after a crash. However, every helmet maker takes different paths to achieve this. And with rigorous certification systems, you can be assured that most helmets will generally protect you, but the question...
Catlike Whisper Helmet Pads
Price: $12.95
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After a season's worth of heavy riding, the inner lining of your helmet runs the risk of looking (and smelling) like an elementary school science experiment. Since the Catlike Whisper Helmet is in it for the long run, be prepared by stocking up on these Whisper Helmet Pads. These antimicrobial...
Craft Knee Warmer
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $31.96
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Craft-sponsored Jens Voigt doesn't need knee warmers, because Jens Voigt's legs generate enough heat to power a supplementary fifth, and sixth law of thermodynamics. But you're not Jens Voigt, and that's why you need the Craft Winter Knee Warmer when it's time to pack your suitcase full of...
Craft Leg Warmer
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $35.96
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Knees spin fast and efficient when they're warm. Pull on the Craft Winter Leg Warmer for protection from winter weather and cold air.
Craft Weather Arm Warmer
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $47.96
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We rely on our arm warmers for a variety of riding conditions. Like the trusty rain shell we wad up and stuff into our jersey pocket 'just in case,' the arm warmers we choose to take with us on our travels far from home need to be equally reliable. We're glad Craft knows this too, having paired...
Craft Weather Leg Warmers
Retail Price: $69.95
Our Price: $55.96
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There are leg warmers, and then there are leg warmers. The Craft Weather Leg Warmers are the real deal, as close to dedicated, cold-weather cycling tights as you can get, but in the convenient form of leg warmers that you can shed if you need to mid-ride. Made of proprietary Craft polyesters, the...
Cratoni C-Blaze Cycling Helmet
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $55.99
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With a design and engineering hailing from laboratories in Germany, the Cratoni C-Blaze brings major tech, safety, features, and adjustability to a great price point. Recommended for recreational riders or those who want to discover the sport of cycling without dropping huge money on new gear...
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