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Castelli Arm Skins
Price: $34.95
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Sleek, stylish, and just warm enough for brisk morning rides, Castelli's Seamless Arm Skins slide on easily, won't bunch, and won't slide down. The stretchy Lycra fabric breathes will and provides lightweight insulation, while the seamless design and silicone gripper won't irritate your skin. A...
Castelli Dolcissima Gloves - Women's
Price: $29.95
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Protect your paws in classic Italian style with the Castelli women's Dolcissima Gloves. They feature a breathable mesh backing to wick away moisture and a durable Clarino perforated fabric with foam on the palms to keep your hands comfortable and dry. The Dolcissima foregoes any bulky closure...
Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmers
Price: $49.95
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It's tough to make arm warmers warmer. If we know we'll be riding in conditions where a pair of arm warmers won't keep us sufficiently warm, we tend to choose a thermal jacket. But, what if the day turns out to be intermittently cold and wet? Well, the Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmers are designed...
Castelli Nanoflex Knee Warmers
Price: $49.95
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In rainy conditions, knee warmers suffer from the same problems that legwarmers do. Basically, the fabric absorbs water and their ability to keep your joints warm becomes compromised. Lucky for you, the Castelli Nanoflex Knee Warmers have remedied the issues that challenge knee warmers in cold...
Castelli Nanoflex Leg Warmers
Price: $69.95
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If there's one failing to most legwarmers, it's that they absorb water like a proverbial sponge. On rainy days, they end up waterlogged and providing compromised warmth. However, the Castelli Nanoflex Leg Warmers are perfect for riding in conditions that are both cold and wet. Then again, outside...
Castelli S2. Rosso Corsa Gloves - Women's
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $14.99
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Rosso Corsa is the customary national racing color of Italy. It's been used in auto racing since the 1920s, and although in modern times it's been replaced by sponsors' preferred colors, red still seems to find its way into the likes of the Italian favorites. While you might not be as fast as a...
Castelli Tempesta Leg Warmers
Price: $99.95
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As summer gives way to blustery fall weather, rain and cold become more common companions on your training rides. If you're determined to ride through whatever comes your way, make sure you give yourself maximum protection with Castelli's Tempesta Leg Warmers. Made to be worn with the Tempesta 3...
Castelli Thermoflex Arm Warmers
Price: $39.95
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Cold arms are uncomfortable and distracting, but it's an easy problem to fix. Slide on the Castelli Thermoflex Arm Warmers before you head out for a crisp ride, and the microfleece-lined thermal fabric will retain heat while the compressive fit supports your muscles to decrease vibration and...
Castelli Thermoflex Classic Knee Warmer
Retail Price: $39.95
Our Price: $19.97
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The worst part of cold-weather riding isn't the harsh cold in your throat or the inevitable snots, it's frozen, aching knees. Castelli designed the Thermoflex Classic knee warmer to keep your knees comfortable without interfering with your pedaling. The inside of the knee warmer is a soft fleece,...
Castelli Thermoflex Classic Leg Warmer
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $24.97
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Castelli's Thermoflex Leg Warmers block the chill and feature ankle zippers, which not only make the leg warmers easy to get on and off, but also help them maintain their shape over time. Castelli uses stretchy, soft fleece to warm your legs and includes elastic cuffs to keep the warmers securely...
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