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Louis Garneau Shine Rtr
Retail Price: $169.95
Our Price: $118.96
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Louis Garneau created the Shine Rtr helmet specifically for women, and its lightweight, aerodynamic design and effective safety features make it an excellent choice for an everyday helmet. If your old helmet has seen more than its fair share of bumps and scrapes, and your straps have been...
Louis Garneau Speed Bolero
Price: $49.95
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We understand that during a triathlon, you're traveling light. That's why the Louis Garneau Speed Bolero is ideal for a race where the sun refuses to shine. The Speed Bolero protects the portions of your body that get drilled by wind in the TT position, and leaves the rest to providence....
Louis Garneau Sprint Helmet
Price: $99.95
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Don't let cold temps derail your early-season motivation to get on the road and get after it. Instead, buckle up the Louis Garneau Sprint Helmet and enjoy riding 12 months out of the year. Since the body loses most of its heat through your head, Louis Garneau gave the Sprint minimum ventilation...
Louis Garneau Tiffany Helmet - Women's
Price: $39.95
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Louis Garneau brings surprising value and versatility to the table with its Tiffany Women's Mountain or Road Helmet. The Tiffany boasts features that you would only expect to find on high-end helmets, but at a price that will make you double-take. Even more surprising is the sophisticated styling...
Louis Garneau Wind Pro Arm Warmers
Price: $49.95
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Great for those crisp morning rides and cool, in-between conditions, the Louis Garneau Wind Pro Arm Warmers provide customizable warmth and protection from the sun's harmful rays. These arm warmers offer compressive support and stabilization with their Lazer Rev cuffs. Light Wind Pro fabric...
Louis Garneau Wind Pro Knee Warmers
Price: $59.95
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There are plenty of cycling sleeves out there, but Louis Garneau's Wind Pro Knee Warmers are a little more advanced than most. They're made from Light Wind Pro fabric, which cuts the wind to reduce heat loss, and lined with Therma Soft 180, a warm and moisture-wicking material that helps your...
Louis Garneau Wind Pro Zip Leg Warmers
Price: $69.95
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The Louis Garneau Wind Pro Zip Leg Warmers use Light Wind Pro for exceptional wind-blocking performance. Made with a very tight construction that blocks four times more wind than traditional fleece, Light Wind Pro fabric insulates your lower legs from becoming cold and cramped-up on long, chilly...
Louis Garneau Zip-Leg Warmers
Price: $44.95
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If full-length tights aren't your thing, and you're wary of the very idea of embrocation, the Louis Garneau Zip-Leg Warmers 2 are the obvious choice for your winter closet. Featuring a proprietary warming fabric and a stay-put fit, the Zip-Leg Warmers 2 will help you in your conquest of harsh...
Maloja Arm WarmersM.
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $31.47
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During fall's brisk mornings and sunny, warm afternoons, being able to adapt your kit to the changing temperature on-the-go can be as simple as grabbing a pair of arm warmers before you head out. If your old pair is showing signs of age, upgrading to Maloja's Arm WarmersM. will refresh your fall...
Maloja Leg WarmersM. WS
Retail Price: $84.95
Our Price: $53.52
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Maloja's Leg WarmersM. WS sheathe your pins in cold-weather protection that combines strategic panels of Windstopper membrane with MitiTech's Thermal fabric. That results in winter-grade protection against everything from frigid air to road spray and precipitation; however, since both materials...
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