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Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet
Retail Price: $249.95
Our Price: $130.00
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Kask's Vertigo 2. 0 helmet is a looker -- we'll get that out of the way first, because, everything else being equal, we want the helmet that looks great. But there's a lot more to the Vertigo 2. 0 than its pretty face. Buried within the EPS foam that makes up the bulk of the helmet's protective...
Lazer Blade Helmet
Price: $99.95
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Lazer's Blade Helmet is living proof that race-worthy kit doesn't have to be outlandishly expensive. Its streamlined profile clearly borrows style inspiration from Lazer's top-end Z1 helmet, with extended coverage at the back of the head and massive venting to keep things cool no matter how high...
Lazer Blade MIPS Helmet
Price: $129.95
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Whether you're rallying for a long yet luxurious day of pastry shops and cafes, pinning on a number at a local race, or embarking on a high-mountain century, make sure you have your Lazer Blade MIPS Helmet along for the ride. It borrows styling and feature tips from Lazer's top-tier Z1 Helmet and...
Lazer Genesis Helmet
Retail Price: $165.00
Our Price: $148.50
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Lazer's award-winning Genesis Helmet's design enjoys remarkable favor among the two-wheel set, which is why Lazer hasn't seen much of a need to make any big, crazy changes to it for a few years. If you've been a fan in the past, this year's sleek, no-nonsense design should be plenty familiar to...
Lazer O2 Helmet
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $107.95
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Lazer makes its lightweight O2 Helmet for sleek, uncomplicated protection that won't slow you down on your daily rides and weekend races. Like us, Lazer understands that while you probably shouldn't ride without it, a helmet can sometimes feel bulky or suffocating enough that you'd like to --...
Lazer Z1 Helmet
Retail Price: $269.95
Our Price: $121.48
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Known for their bikes, the Belgians are not to be left out of the accessories market. The Lazer Z1 Helmet is a step above its Helium and Genesis designs with more protection in a lighter design. The shape of the Z1 moves the shell of the helmet down across the temple zone at the sides of your...
Lazer Z1 Lifebeam DIY Kit
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $116.95
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Heart rate straps have historically been a somewhat aggravating way to gather heart rate data, what with their constricting tightness, uncomfortable sensors, and uncanny ability to migrate position in the least opportune moments of a ride. While recent developments in wrist-based optical sensors...
Lazer Z1 Lifebeam Helmet
Retail Price: $379.95
Our Price: $227.97
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The Lazer Z1 Lifebeam Helmet has two very large plusses going for it. First, the Z1 is probably the most "Euro" helmet in our catalog. Second, we're shipping it as a package that includes the Z1 and an integrated Lifebeam heart rate monitor. We can't really support claims for the helmet's...
Lazer Z1 MIPS Helmet
Price: $254.95
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The designers across the pond at Lazer have shown they aren't afraid to resist trends and trust to their own innovative designs when creating high-end road racing helmets. If you're looking for a race-pedigreed lid to protect your cognitive functions as you fly around tight corners and bump...
Lazer Z1 MIPS Lifebeam Helmet
Price: $369.95
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Despite the fact that it's accompanied Lotto Soudal's sprinting Gorilla in a victory on the Champs-Eysees, the Z1 isn't your typical aerodynamic road helmet. Instead, it's got perhaps the most traditional silhouette still being worn in the peloton. Still, the Lazer Z1 MIPS Lifebeam Helmet's...
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