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2XU Sub Zero 360 Cycle Women's Jacket
Retail Price: $249.95
Our Price: $124.97
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If you've been doing your homework on what jacket will best fit your needs this winter, you've surely heard the word "engineered" thrown around pretty liberally. And while pattern making is far from a simple task, we don't feel that it justifies the title of engineering. Not surprisingly, 2XU...
Alpinestars Stella Drop Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Women's
Retail Price: $54.95
Our Price: $21.98
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Often, real estate agents will use pleasant-sounding adjectives that hide what they are really trying to say about a house. For example, 'cozy' really means 'small.' The bike industry can be the same way. Often, the word 'ultralight' really just disguises the fact that an item has no features....
Arc'teryx A2B Commuter Jacket - Women's
Price: $224.95
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True trekkers know that life isn't always about the logistics; the points between A and B often reward the most memorable experiences. Arc'teryx designed the A2B Commuter Jacket for women who sometimes need to get from here to there ASAP and other times just like to enjoy the ride. Kavan face...
Arc'teryx A2B Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Women's
Price: $68.95
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If you are constantly adjusting your entire outfit choice to accommodate one lazy or just plain reluctant top, then it's time to ditch the slacker. Check out the new Arc'teryx Women's A2B Short-Sleeve Shirt; this trim-fitting top looks like a regular button-down, chest-pocket shirt. But, hidden...
Arc'teryx A2B Tank Top - Women's
Retail Price: $48.95
Our Price: $24.48
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An outfit is only as good as its foundation. If it's founded upon the Arc'teryx Women's A2B Tank Top, then it'll succeed no matter what. A masterful blend of polyester and merino wool, the Polylain jersey knit features polyester to strengthen and boost the moisture-management abilities of the...
Assos DB 13 kickTop Lady LS
Retail Price: $309.95
Our Price: $216.96
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The 'D' and the 'B' in Assos' new DB 13 kickTop Lady LS comes from the phrase 'Dopo Bici,' which translates to 'after bike.' After all, that's exactly what this pullover was built for, as it represents the perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality that we've grown accustomed to from...
Assos DB.11 activityPolo Lady SS
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $64.98
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The new DB. 11 activityPolo SS for ladies was designed with a casual style, yet it relies on the advanced fabrics and small details that signify all things Assos. The 'D' and the 'B' from its title refer to 'Dopo Bici,' which translates to 'after bike.' That's exactly what this shirt was built...
Assos DB.33 dyoraJack
Retail Price: $489.95
Our Price: $244.98
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At the heart of most high-end casual jackets, you'll find that proper attention has been paid to their silhouettes and fabric selections. No one in the cycling apparel world knows this better than Assos, which is why these elements stand as the foundation of its Dopo Bici line. Its new DB. 33...
Assos iJ.Intermediate_s7 Jacket - Women's
Price: $328.95
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The Assos iJ. Intermediate_s7 Women's Jacket is a relatively simple concept employed with very un-simple fabrics to make for one of the most advanced cycling pieces you may ever wear. The Intermediate_s7 Jacket is light enough that it could be called a long-sleeve jersey, but we think that's one...
Assos iJ.pompaDour_S7 Women's Jacket
Price: $538.95
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It's rare that a jacket is able to tell its story through sheer numbers, but not surprisingly, the iJ. pompaDour_S7 achieves just that. For its construction, Assos used 30 pattern pieces, 10 different textiles, and 12 separate components. In other words, Assos put some thought into this jacket....
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