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Craft Active Extreme 2.0 CN Long-Sleeve Baselayer - Women's
Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $43.15
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Leaving the warmth of a fireplace on a winter day to brave the cold on an endurance-building ride is never easy. If you're looking for lightweight thermal protection, Craft's Women's Long-Sleeve Active Extreme 2. 0 CN Baselayer layers expertly under a thermal jersey or jacket. Its form-fitting...
Craft Active Extreme 2.0 CN Short-Sleeve Baselayer - Women's
Price: $74.99
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Baselayers are helpful on the bike year-round, but we can understand eschewing one in the summer months for simplicity's sake. Once the leaves begin to turn and the morning temperatures drop, however, a trustworthy baselayer becomes far more of a necessity. Craft believes that the right first...
Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Windstopper Crewneck Base Layer - Women's
Price: $89.99
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We often wax poetic about the old days of cycling, imagining mid-century steel frames ridden nonchalantly by cyclists in classic wool jerseys. But when we see a piece like the Craft Women's Active Extreme 2. 0 Windstopper Crewneck Baselayer, we're reminded about the things we don't miss about the...
Craft Active Intensity CN Long-Sleeve Top - Women's
Price: $49.99
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Much like your grandfather, we're big fans of the saying "there's no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing." And, like your grandfather, we know that the right clothing for frosty winter days starts with proper base layers -- though he might not have intended those base layers to be...
Craft COOL Mesh Superlight Base Layer - Sleeveless - Women's
Price: $49.99
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Toss on the Craft Women's COOL Mesh Superlight Sleeveless Base Layer for a cool, comfortable feel on scorching summer rides. Super-light and airy, the base layer's big-hole mesh consists of 6-channel fibers that actively pull sweat off your body for superior ventilation and cooling.
Craft Escape Rain Jacket - Women's
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $77.97
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Spring and fall seasons present a great opportunity to regain your physical endurance before peak cycling season, or conversely, train hard to fend off performance decline during long winters. And although good weather can be had, transitional seasons usually present notoriously fickle conditions...
Craft Featherlight Jacket - Women's
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $59.97
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A quick change of the weather can leave you cold, wet, and miles from home. Having a windproof rain jacket with you is always a good idea. The Craft Women's Featherlight Jacket is so light and packable, you won't even know it's there until you need it. The Craft Featherlight Jacket easily packs...
Craft Focus 2.0 Hooded Jacket - Women's
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $71.97
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The Craft Women's Focus 2. 0 Hooded Jacket eschews basic colors with a brilliant array of gem tones and patterns. Apart from its flashy design, the Focus 2. 0 is equipped with a lightweight, breathable fabric that offers ample defense against light moisture and errant elements. Meanwhile, the...
Craft Force Pant - Women's
Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $63.96
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The Craft Women's Force Pant is a great choice when you're testing your forces on cross country ski tracks. Its thin, light, three-layer construction includes stretchy, breathable, well-ventilated fabric to keep you comfy when you're pushing yourself. The ankle grippers stay secure over your ski...
Craft Intensity Jacket - Women's
Retail Price: $159.95
Our Price: $119.96
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You'll be happy to have the Craft Women's Intensity Jacket when snow's blowing all over the cross country track. This classic trainer has a windproof front to block all that headwind from freezing your core, and the super stretchy back breathes, ventilates, and moves with you for...
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