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Scott Trail MTN Hybrid Polar Plus Jacket - Women's
Price: $89.95
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The Scott Women's Trail MTN Hybrid Polar Plus Jacket is a versatile layer for cool-weather riding, regulating your body temperature as you climb towering peaks and descend into sunbaked valleys below. What's the secret to its thermo-regulating properties? Polartech Power Dry fabric effectively...
Scott Trail MTN Polar Crew Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Women's
Price: $49.95
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The Scott Women's Trail MTN Polar Crew Jersey is effortlessly cool-wearing and remarkably stylish when you're ripping shuttle-accessed downhills and pedaling down your favorite stretch of dirt. Polartec Power Dry pulls perspiration off your skin to promote evaporative cooling on hot summer rides....
Scott Trail MTN Polar Plus Full-Zip Hoodie - Women's
Price: $109.95
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Few things in the world feel better than rolling up to the car after an epic early spring ride, wrapping up in the super soft and cozy Scott Women's Trail MTN Polar Plus Full-Zip Hoodie, and heading off to your favorite coffee spot for pastries and a comfortingly warm mug of caffeinated...
Scott Trail MTN V-Neck Jersey - Women's
Price: $39.95
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When others are seeking refuge indoors with air conditioning, you're cranking out serious miles with the Scott Women's Trail MTN V-Neck Jersey. This lightweight jersey keeps you confidently cool on the trail, even in the hottest summer weather. DRYOxcell fabric prevents sweat saturation by...
Showers Pass Body-Mapped Base Layer - Women's
Price: $68.95
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There's a nearly unlimited number of base layers out there, but the Showers Pass Long-Sleeve Body-Mapped Women's Base Layer is a little different than most. It's designed expressly to be worn under Showers Pass jackets, with open-knit venting at the center back and underarms that works in concert...
Showers Pass Club Pro Jacket - Women's
Price: $118.95
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Showers do come and go, but weather's permanent, which means the Showers Pass Club Pro Women's Jacket will be a permanent feature of your cycling wardrobe. It's more lightweight shell than heavy-duty rain jacket, with an ARTEX membrane that blocks steady rain without turning you clammy and soggy....
Showers Pass Crossover Jacket - Women's
Price: $124.95
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Showers Pass designs jackets with more bells and whistles, such as the Elite 2. 1. But, when all you need is a jacket to keep you dry on and off the bike, the Women's Crossover jacket is a versatile shell that is both waterproof and breathable -- at a price that won't empty your wallet. Showers...
Showers Pass Double Century RTX Jacket - Women's
Price: $174.95
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Staying dry on your bike can be quite a conundrum. Either you wear a rain jacket, which keeps the water off but seals your sweat in, or you go light and get rained on, but at least you're not sweating. Showers Pass provides a third option, though: the breathable, waterproof, and heavily vented...
Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Jacket - Women's
Price: $244.95
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Showers Pass got the Elite 2. 0 jacket right the first time, but with a tiny bit of tweaking, the 2. 1 version gets it perfect. The fit is now just a bit more refined. The jacket's new semi-form fit wears comfortably over base layers and jerseys without flapping around. The Elite 2. 1 is made...
Showers Pass Rogue Hooded Jacket - Women's
Price: $174.95
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It's an immutable law of nature that the weather will turn to garbage as soon as you get on your bike, which is why the Showers Pass Rogue Women's Hooded Jacket is an essential part of every urban rider's kit. With a look that's reminiscent of your favorite hoodie but tech details that are at...
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