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Shimano SH-TR32 Shoes - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $103.96
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While triathlon, especially ultras, are hard on bodies from head to toe, feet take the brunt of the force. The Shimano SH-TR32 Shoes are specifically designed to support feet during the bike portion, while being comfortable enough that the transition to the run is a piece of cake. If you are not...
Sidi Five Men's Shoes - Men's
Price: $289.95
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The Genius 5. You may have heard of it. Or seen them on the feet of countless cyclists atop countless podiums worldwide. It's the best-selling shoe in Sidi's impressive cycling shoe stable. In continuing those traditions, the new Sidi Five Shoe delivers many of the same characteristics as its...
Sidi Genius 5 Pro Carbon Shoes - Men's
Retail Price: $239.95
Our Price: $131.97
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Sidi is the world's bestselling brand of road shoes, and the Genius 5 Pro is the model that sells the most. Its Lorica upper has all the upsides of leather with none of the negatives. Lorica is supple, conforming, highly breathable, and will not stretch. In addition, Lorica is water repellent,...
Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite Shoes - Men's
Retail Price: $449.95
Our Price: $269.97
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When Sidi introduced the 6. 6 Carbon Lite Shoes it was like a breath of fresh air. Built around a carbon composite sole, the 6. 6 is both extremely light and ridiculously comfortable. Sidi designed the 6. 6 Carbon Lite to provide a slight amount of flex in the toe, while retaining maximum...
Sidi Genius 6.6 Vent Carbon Shoes - Men's
Price: $389.95
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Comparing the Genius 6. 6 Vent Carbon Shoes to Sidi's flagship Wire shoe, you're bound to uncover numerous shared design features. You'll find the same carbon fiber sole, the same adjustable Heel Security System (HSS), and an identical intake vent system. In fact, the two really only part ways on...
Sidi Genius Fit Men's Shoes - Men's
Price: $239.95
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There's little doubt that Sidi is the world's best-selling cycling shoe, and the Sidi Genius Fit is destined to be one of its most popular models. Similar to the Genius 5 Pro, the Fit uses the same design, only with both technology and material upgrades. Sidi constructed the uppers of the Genius...
Sidi Hydro GTX Cold-Weather Shoes - Men's
Price: $329.99
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Good things come to those who train. And, since a winter on rollers in the garage may as well be an appointment for a lobotomy, the Sidi Hydro GTX Cold-Weather Shoes will keep you riding outside all the way through the cold seasons. The Hydros are built around a Gore-Tex bootie that is tested at...
Sidi Tarus Shoes - Men's
Price: $179.95
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While clothes make the man, shoes make the cyclist. And if you're riding in flimsy, uncomfortable shoes, scoot a little closer to the screen and read what we have to say. It's time for a change. A proper shoe increases your delivery of power and will keep you comfortable over a long day in the...
Sidi Wire Men's Shoes - Men's
Price: $499.95
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Eagle eyes at the 2012 the Tour may have noticed a new, and yet-unreleased Sidi shoe beneath Green Jersey winner Peter Sagan as he stormed to each of his impressive three stage wins. Now available to assist with your own pursuit of the maillot vert, are the Sidi Wire Shoes -- the next footwear...
Sidi Wire Speedplay Men's Shoes - Men's
Price: $499.95
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Before now, you viewed your Ergo 3s as the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. We can't blame you -- we did, too. And while it seemed unlikely that anyone would ever top the technical features and comfort of the Ergos, Sidi chose to outdo itself. The Wire Speedplay Shoes look down from the...
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