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Pearl Izumi Select Thermal Long Sleeve Men's Jersey
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $39.98
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A bargain at the intersection of style and function, the Pearl Izumi Men's Select Thermal Long-Sleeve Jersey is a great piece for tackling chilly rides this fall and winter. Pearl Izumi's Select Thermal Long-Sleeve Jersey is made from the exclusive Select Thermal Fleece fabric. This material was...
PEdAL ED Attakai Wool Jacket - Men's
Price: $249.95
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Designed for brisk rides through the city, the PedalED Men's Attakai Wool Jacket covers you in timeless warmth during chilly transitional seasons. Wool-blended fabric delivers the superior softness and moisture management of wool, with added nylon for a snug fit and breathable cotton for...
PEdAL ED Garage Shirt - Long Sleeve - Men's
Price: $149.95
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The men's PedalED Garage Shirt's linen body is only interrupted with cotton on the back panel, which gives the tailored fit a bit of stretch to accommodate reaching to the bars in the saddle or reaching for the torque bits in the shop. The linen keeps things cool whether you're pulling a marathon...
PEdAL ED Gufo Jacket - Men's
Price: $194.95
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True to its design philosophy of placing functionality over useless "performance" features, the Gufo Jacket sticks to the basics of wind jackets with one exception. It has two full-length front zippers, so you can wear it loose to accommodate layers and casual use, or you can tighten it down for...
PEdAL ED Kaido Jersey - Long-Sleeve - Men's
Price: $188.95
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Zip into the cozy-wearing warmth of the PedalED Men's Kaido Long-Sleeve Jersey before cruising through crisp country air and chilly lakefront breezes. Ideal for laid-back, around-town trips and spirited training rides alike, the Kaido features merino wool-blended fabric for optimum moisture...
PEdAL ED Kaido Jersey - Men's
Price: $144.95
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PedalED's design ethos stipulates that the Japan-based manufacturer doesn't "pursue innovation for innovation's sake." This suggests that company founder Hideto Suzuki not only acknowledges the validity of traditional solutions to cycling problems, but he also insists on only updating them with...
PEdAL ED Kanaya Jacket - Men's
Price: $309.95
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Designed with a unique waterproof stretch shell for moisture protection and unrestricted mobility, the PedalED Men's Kanaya Jacket keeps you blissfully dry as you pedal through passing showers and heavy downpours. Straying from traditional riding jackets, the Kanaya's double-zip closure...
PEdAL ED Kaze Access Vest - Men's
Price: $144.95
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Ingeniously designed with reach-through ports for accessing your jersey pockets underneath, the PedalED Men's Kaze Access Vest fuses elemental protection with storage-savvy design. This protective vest repels passing showers and blustery conditions while expelling built-up water vapor (e. g. from...
PEdAL ED Okabe Jersey - Men's
Price: $164.95
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If the Merino wool blend of PedalED's Kaido jersey is a functional nod to the styling and materials of cycling's past, then the Okabe Jersey is a radical departure from inveterate standards in jersey design. The main body is a polyamide/elastane blend that manages moisture and body temperature...
PEdAL ED Saddle Packable Jacket - Men's
Price: $294.95
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The Saddle Packable Jacket's lines pay tribute to the military fashion of the Great War's trench poets. PedalED also builds it from a windproof, water-resistant nylon/cotton blend, so the modern velo poet can enjoy the same type of protection from the elements worn by the likes of Sassoon and...
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