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Assos SS.cento_s7 Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's
Retail Price: $228.95
Our Price: $57.24
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Long-distance comfort was the overall goal when Assos' designers joined together for the new SS. cento_s7 Jersey. It features all of the sharp details you've come to expect from the Swiss apparel giant, along with a smooth fit for those day-long rides. The bulk of the SS. cento_s7 was made from...
Assos SS.equipeJersey_evo8 - Men's
Price: $179.00
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The summer of 2016 saw cyclists from all disciplines glued to the television in anticipation of a dirt-filled showdown between the world road champion and a gaggle of the world's best cross-country racers. Sagan provided the fireworks early on, but the star of the day was Switzerland's Schurter,...
Assos Ss.FF_1Jersey_evo7 Jersey - Men's
Price: $259.00
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Ss.FF_1Jersey_evo7 Jersey - Men's
Assos SS.grandprixJersey_evo8 - Men's
Price: $129.00
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As the racing heats up in California this May, each day's leaders will be kitted up in a custom version of the Assos Men's SS. grandprixJersey_evo8 on the road and on the podium, which we take as a big stamp of approval that this jersey can handle some serious ride time. The pro teams are...
Assos SS.jersey USA Cycling Jersey - Men's
Price: $149.00
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In celebration of the Assos/USA Cycling collaboration this year, the fit-conscious designers at Assos released their entire line of USA pro kit to the public. Even if you can't make it to Rio this summer, you can still show your support for USA Cycling with the SS. jersey USA Cycling Men's Jersey...
Assos SS.mangussta_s7 Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $198.95
Our Price: $89.53
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Assos' new SS. mangussta_s7 Jersey was designed with the same attention to the most finite detail that you expect from Assos, only with the added benefits of new fabrics and a more comfortable, streamlined fit. In fact, the Assos SS. mangussta_s7 Jersey is based on the same design platform as the...
Assos Ss.milleJersey_evo7 Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's
Price: $139.00
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The Assos Ss. mille evo7 jersey provides a more relaxed fit than most standard race jerseys. This fit, combines with raglan sleeves and Assos' new . 116 fabric, provide a loose relaxed fit with no compromise in performance.For its Mille jersey, Assos uses its new type . 116 synthetic stretch...
Assos SS.neoPro Belgium Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's
Retail Price: $168.95
Our Price: $92.92
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Assos pays homage to the birthplace of 'cross and its reigning world champion, the grueling cobblestones of Flanders, the delicious fare of waffle rides, and every kind of frites with its SS. neoPro Belgium Short Sleeve Jersey. As a country whose cyclists have been riding through, over, and...
Assos SS.neoPro Canada Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's
Retail Price: $168.95
Our Price: $92.92
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Who knew the Maple Leaf could look so good, so stoic, and so bold when standing proudly across the chest of the high-tech, great-fitting, and environmentally-friendly Assos SS. neoPro Canada Short-Sleeve Jersey? Well, probably about 35 million Canadians. Taking a "zero impact" approach with this...
Assos SS.neoPro Italy Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's
Retail Price: $168.95
Our Price: $84.47
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For cyclists, the boot-shaped country often stirs up an array of emotions. Assos sees this as a good thing, which is why it applied the country's flag to the chest of its new SS. neoPro Italy Jersey. With a fresh design that blends new fabrics and colorways into a clean silhouette, the neoPro is...
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