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Louis Garneau Evans Classic Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $74.95
Our Price: $52.46
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Sifting through a closet full of cycling kit in search of the perfect jersey to appropriately communicate your commitment to cycling when you roll up and greet the weekly Tuesday night ride group can be a time consuming endeavor. That is, unless you have the Louis Garneau Evans Classic Men's...
Louis Garneau Geminix Jacket - Men's
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $59.95
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Springtime isn't all lilacs and babbling brooks. In fact, if you're not prepared, the spastic weather can steal entire weekends of riding from you. The Louis Garneau Geminix Jacket will keep you ahead of the storm and in the saddle when the weather is less than ideal. The Louis Garneau Geminix...
Louis Garneau Glaze 3 RTR Jacket - Men's
Price: $109.95
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When you start your cycling season early in the year and ride it out until just before winter, you're bound to encounter some chilly weather with cold winds and rain. So, to ensure the entire season is a success, zip up the Louis Garneau Men's Glaze 3 RTR Jacket for those March and November rides...
Louis Garneau Granfondo 2 Jacket - Men's
Price: $79.95
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The Louis Garneau Men's Grandondo 2 Jacket comes in handy when there's a nip in the air caused by brisk breezes, and it sort of looks like a rain cloud is covering part of your daily route. This reliable rain coat boasts a waterproof, windproof Covertec construction with fully taped seams to...
Louis Garneau Icefit 2 Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's
Price: $94.95
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Suit up with the Louis Garneau Men's Icefit 2 Jersey when stifling air masses strangle your region this summer, threatening to leave you sapped of all energy on the road. Icefit 2 microfiber transforms sweat into an active cooling agent, preventing overheating while leaving you with a pleasantly...
Louis Garneau Lemmon 2 Jersey - Men's
Price: $59.95
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There are two extremes of cycling jerseys. At one pole, shapeless sacks festooned with colorful swoops and whorls; at the other, hammy prints that are 98% black and have become so lost in a vortex of self-reflexivity that they can't even decide if they're ironic or not. Louis Garneau takes the...
Louis Garneau Lemmon 2 Sleeveless Jersey - Men's
Price: $49.95
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As cyclists, we tend to spend most of our time worried about dressing for inclement weather; however, conditions throughout summer aren't as monolithic as our "summer" wardrobe suggests. We don't wear one jacket all winter, so why one jersey all summer? It's cycling's great mystery, and Louis...
Louis Garneau Lemmon Long-Sleeve Jersey - Men's
Price: $64.95
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Louis Garneau's Lemmon Long-Sleeve Men's Jersey is a fall leaf gazer's best friend. Even if you're ignoring the orange, red, and yellow canopy in favor of the data displayed on your full-color touchscreen head unit. For everything from coffee shop noodles to hill repeats, the long-sleeved Lemmon...
Louis Garneau Lemmon Vent Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $38.97
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When the temperature starts to rise, proper hydration alone isn't enough to keep you safe from overheating. That's where the Louis Garneau Lemmon Vent Jersey comes into play. With a breathable selection of fabrics and a UPF50 rating, it's a one-two punch that stops harmful UV rays, while...
Louis Garneau LT Enerblock Jacket - Men's
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $127.46
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Considering the countless base miles we've ticked off in its predecessor, the Louis Garneau LT Enerblock Men's Jacket has some big sleeves to fill. The previous Enerblock Jackets have been key to turning what would be miserable winter base miles into enjoyable outings where, though our exposed...
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