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Giordana Team Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $82.46
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With its Team Jersey, Giordana revamps the cherished design of the Brooklyn Chewing Gum squad with today's technologies. The Team Jersey is made with Michron Ceramica fabric, which is a dual-textured, ceramic-treated microfiber that is designed to block harmful UV rays and manages moisture to...
Giordana Team Thermosquare Brooklyn Jersey - Long Sleeve - Men's
Price: $149.95
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Made famous by four-time Paris-Roubaix champion Roger De Vlaeminck, or monsieur Paris-Roubaix as he's affectionately known, Brooklyn Chewing Gum was a prolific Italian cycling team in the '70s and early '80s. Celebrating this historic Italian team, the Giordana Men's Team Thermosquare Brooklyn...
Giordana Tenax Pro Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $97.46
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You've finally signed up for the high Sierra double century that's been on your bucket list for the past few years, and realize your super aero, skin tight race kit just isn't the right option for a full day of elevation changes and snack stops at altitude. Luckily, the search for the perfect...
Giordana Trade Glow FormaRed Carbon Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's
Retail Price: $199.95
Our Price: $89.98
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Uniquely crafted with sublimated graphics and premium Italian fabrics, the Giordana Men's Trade Glow FormaRed Carbon Jersey represents the pinnacle of design excellence and riding functionality. Part of Giordana's Trade collection, this jersey pops with bold colors and a reflective rear accent,...
Giordana Trade Italia Scatto Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $67.48
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Giordana's Trade line of apparel is treated with the same attention to detail that's found in its top-tier apparel, but it's been tailored to become the workhorse of the line. The Trade Italia Scatto Jersey grew from prototype fabrics and designs put to the test by professional cycling teams...
Giordana Trade Vero Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $49.48
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For the non-pros among us, the Giordana Men's Trade Vero Jersey features a bit more relaxed cut, without sacrificing its materials or performance features. The Micro Ceramica fabric is made of a dual-texture, ceramic-treated polyester microfiber that actively wicks moisture and prevents the...
Giordana Vero Pro Astana Team Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $89.95
Our Price: $67.46
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When we're logging long miles at high altitudes, we admit to occasionally pretending we're Scarponi grinding out a long-distance mountain raid or punching up the walls of the Ardennes. We have to stress "pretend" here, though, because we aren't anywhere near that strong and the winter lbs have...
Giordana Vero Pro Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $124.95
Our Price: $93.71
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Every Saturday morning, you roll out of bed at what feels like the crack of dawn to brew a fresh cup of coffee and ponder the day's kit options over a hearty bowl of oatmeal. Most days, your club kit gets the nod as a sign of solidarity with your fellow wheelmates, but every once in a while it's...
Giordana Vero Pro Limited Edition Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $74.96
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When you're getting ready for a ride during the hectic workweek, you grab whichever kit is closest when you reach into your closet as you suit up for a ride after work. You remain mostly on autopilot when waning daylight and long workdays compromise your ability to get out on the roads at all....
Giordana Vero Pro Orica Team Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $89.95
Our Price: $67.46
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2016's Roubaix is the greatest race we've ever seen. After a final 10km that were more animated than all 21 days of most grand tours, Hayman's Cinderella victory saw him triumph against all odds after rolling into the velodrome with--dare we make another superlative claim?--the greatest...
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