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Craft Verve Glow Jacket - Men's
Price: $149.99
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We all have that friend who saddles up regardless of the season, weather, or time of day. Now you can be that friend, too, with the Craft Verve Glow jacket, designed for devoted cyclists who are happy to hop on the bike and mash up mountains or through city streets year round. Built with...
Craft Verve Glow Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $89.99
Our Price: $52.12
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On the oppressive August days that necessitate waiting until at least 6pm before venturing outdoors for an easy ride, reach for the Craft Verve Glow Jersey to stay cool and visible on humid, pre-sunset roads. Made for low-visibility and high temperatures, the Verve Glow comes with a plethora of...
Craft X-Over Convert Jacket - Men's
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $54.97
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Heading out to ride with looming weather and unpredictable forecasts can wreak havoc on a ride plan because you never know if you're going to crawl home a soaked and shivering mess. Be prepared for any weather with the Craft Men's X-Over Convert Jacket. Made from windproof and water-resistant...
Dainese Soft Flex Hybrid - Women's
Retail Price: $229.95
Our Price: $114.97
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Thanks to the Dainese Women's Soft Flex Hybrid, you get the protection you need without compromising your mobility. Constructed with both hardshell protection and softshell breathability, the Soft Flex Hybrid is a protective vest that's designed specifically for skiing or snowboarding. The Crash...
De Marchi Aria Jacket - Men's
Retail Price: $198.95
Our Price: $149.21
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When it is cold enough to leave the house with a jacket, we want a warm one. When the weather can't quite make up its mind, we want a highly portable one. De Marchi's offering with the Men's Aria Jacket is a lightweight, wind-resistant, shell built with micro rip-stop polyester that is there when...
De Marchi Blockhaus 67 Cotton Polo Jersey - Men's
Retail Price: $219.95
Our Price: $109.97
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To say that the De Marchi Men's Blockhaus 67 Cotton Polo Jersey was inspired by Eddy Merckx is a relative understatement. After all, the jersey does have his name emblazoned across its chest. And while wearing it certainly won't endow you with Merckx-worthy la course en tete capabilities, it will...
De Marchi Camo Men's Jersey
Retail Price: $130.00
Our Price: $58.50
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Color blocks and stripes are all the rage, but it can be tiring to show up to the Sunday coffee ride always blending in with the group. This weekend, stand out from the crowd in stealthy style with De Marchi's Men's Camo Jersey and its modern take on a classic pattern. Not to be overshadowed by...
De Marchi Campione Polo - Men's
Retail Price: $148.95
Our Price: $111.71
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Woven with the same attention to detail that sets De Marchi's technical gear apart, the Campione Men's Polo is an elegant shirt meant for cheering the sprint, talking tech with your buddies, or pedaling around town on a sunny afternoon. It's woven from super-soft Pima cotton, with a slim fit and...
De Marchi Classic Knit Polo - Men's
Retail Price: $128.95
Our Price: $96.71
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The simple and timeless aesthetics of the De Marchi Classic Knit Polo may not tick the boxes for highest performance top in your wardrobe, but it's sure to evoke nostalgic appreciation for times long past; times when riders wore wool cycling polos instead of lycra, 3-panel cycling caps instead of...
De Marchi Classico Gilet Vest - Men's
Retail Price: $229.95
Our Price: $149.47
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When creating its Classico Gilet Men's Vest, De Marchi allowed the undeniable functionality of a basic wind vest to stand alone, free of adornments and extras. Eschewing reflective accents, pockets of any kind, and loud patterns, De Marchi employs the simple, classic aesthetics it does best to...
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