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Castelli Leggero Jacket - Men's
Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $39.98
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A lightweight wind jacket is a lot like a truing stand. In the course of a season, you may or may not have too many occasions to use it, but when you do need it, nothing else will suffice. When done well, they're incredibly versatile garments. Done poorly, they can wind up in a trashcan mid-ride....
Castelli Leggero Vest - Men's
Retail Price: $69.95
Our Price: $41.97
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Stuffing pockets before a ride sometimes calls for careful thinking. When you're facing a cool morning that will most likely turn into a beautiful day, you have to balance your nutritional requirements with baggage of civilization and leave room for the warmers covering your knees and arms as...
Castelli Merlin Training Jersey - Men's
Price: $109.95
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To some, a pairing of Merlin and Castelli might seem a bit odd. After all, Merlin built its legacy in Massachusetts, while Castelli is widely known as the quintessential Italian cycling apparel manufacturer. However, we don't see the two at odds. Instead, we see a dedication to perfection as...
Castelli Misto Jacket - Men's
Retail Price: $139.95
Our Price: $97.96
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Warm days that seep through otherwise cool Octobers always seem to have a chance of rain in the forecast. The Castelli Misto Jacket is a pocket-sized waterproof jacket that will keep you dry without weighing you down. Castelli combines performance and fit in every jacket it designs, and even...
Castelli Pazzo Jacket - Men's
Retail Price: $169.95
Our Price: $101.97
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Pazzo means 'crazy' in Italian, perhaps a fitting adjective for someone looking for a garment that can provide true 3-season versatility. Too often jackets with removable sleeves are developed as jackets, with the vest just an afterthought. That's not the case with the Castelli Pazzo Jacket. It's...
Castelli Pocket Liner Jacket - Men's
Price: $299.95
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Wearing a rain jacket on a damp day's ride won't do you much good if you're soggy under the shell and it's either flapping around or even catching so much wind that you feel like a parachute is attached to your back. With the Castelli Pocket Liner Jacket, you won't have to choose anymore between...
Castelli Poggio Jacket - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $169.95
Our Price: $118.97
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Forty degrees seems really cold, especially for those of us in a desert where the temperature hovers in the high 80s right through October. But, if you live anywhere else, Jack Frost is coming. If you are out riding and working up a sweat, you want a layer that blocks the wind while not being so...
Castelli Prologo 3 Men's Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's - Men's
Price: $89.95
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In an industry obsessed with technology, we're finding the installation of timeless aesthetics to be a dying art. Luckily, though, classic, clean, and thoughtful are the hallmarks of Castelli design, each of which are well represented in its new Prologo 3 Jersey. Castelli constructed the Prologo...
Castelli Prologo 3 Sleeveless Jersey - Men's - Men's
Price: $79.95
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If you're here, you've already decided that Rule Number Seven doesn't apply to you. Let's face it, hot is hot, and every task has a specific tool for the job. And in the case of summer heat, that tool is a sleeveless jersey. With the Castelli Prologo 3 Sleeveless Jersey you benefit from both...
Castelli Race Day Pullover Hoodie - Men's
Price: $69.95
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We cyclists are a finicky bunch, and that means even when we're not on our bikes, we want our clothing to fit just right. This goes for jackets and outerwear too, as a fitted pullover with just the right amount of stretch, made with an integrated hood, stands in as one of the most versatile...
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