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Castelli Velocissimo 2 Tights - Men's
Price: $119.95
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Winter is just around the corner, but, if you're anything like us, then you're in denial that the season for outdoor riding may be coming to an end. If you're in this camp, then you're in the market for a pair of tights, and nothing keeps winter at bay like Castelli's Velocissimo 2 Tights. The...
Castelli Velocissimo GT Bib Short - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $64.98
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The Castelli Velocissimo GT Bib Short was constructed of 210 gram Affinity Lycra. This fabric is lightweight and helps to wick moisture away from your skin. Additionally, it features a 4-way stretch so that they retain their shape and fit you properly ride after ride. The shorts have been...
Chrome Folsom Work Pants - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $159.95
Our Price: $143.95
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There's no question that wearing your jeans throughout a day in the saddle is just a bummer. Yes, they'll feel hot, sticky, and at the end of a ride, will have gained a pound through sweat absorbancy alone. We've all done it but it doesn't mean that it doesn't suck. There's the problem. However,...
Chrome Union Shorts - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $89.96
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Modeled after the US Postal summer pants and NATO military shorts, Chrome's Union Shorts were designed to be durable, comfortable, and functional for all your warm-weather pursuits. The shorts were constructed from a water-resistant, durable 4-way stretch fabric, which means that they're going to...
Club Ride Apparel Gunslinger Shorts with Chamois - Men's
Retail Price: $34.95
Our Price: $27.96
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Club Ride's primary focus is making sure that you look casual while you're riding, but looking like the resident cool-guy pales in comparison to avoiding saddle sores. Accordingly, the boys in Sun Valley offer the Gunslinger Shorts with Chamois. Now you won't have to sacrifice all-day comfort,...
Club Ride Apparel Pin Rack Knickers - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $89.95
Our Price: $71.96
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Climates are like cyclists in that they're all different from each other and they all vary from season to season, day to day. Not all climates get cold enough to warrant heavy thermal gear, and not all cyclists wear Lycra on every ride -- or even wear it at all. For cyclists who live in temperate...
Club Ride Apparel Rale Pants - Men's
Retail Price: $119.95
Our Price: $95.96
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We may be a little biased when asked where the best mountain biking in the US is. After all, Park City boasts over 350 miles of single track. That said, though, we'll still willingly admit that Sun Valley, Idaho's mountain bike scene kills it. Club Ride Apparel was born in Sun Valley in 2008 when...
Club Ride Apparel Ray Denim Pants - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $89.95
Our Price: $49.47
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Club Ride understands that, while the road does often call us, it doesn't always call us racers. For rides that are less criterium and more casual Friday's bicycle commute to the office, we can't recommend Club Ride's Ray Jeans highly enough. They give you all the comfort and style of your...
Club Ride Apparel Woody Denim Pants - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $87.96
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When it's 90 degrees and you're out killing it in the high mountains with your 15 pound carbon bike and your highly competitive riding buddies, Lycra gear is a must. But when you and those same friends are out at the bar or a neighborhood BBQ, Lycra doesn't quite fit the bill. Let Club Ride help...
Club Ride Apparel Worx Trouser Pants - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $109.95
Our Price: $87.96
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When you're riding to a social, professional, or academic function, do you dress for the commute or for the event? If you've ever thrown a leg over a top tube, then you're familiar with the pros and cons of either choice. So is Club Ride Apparel, which is why the Worx Trouser Pants are designed...
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