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Capo SC Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $199.95
Our Price: $149.96
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The SC Bib Shorts follow the contoured construction seen in Capo's top-shelf shorts while simplifying things a bit. There are eight panels rather than ten (or more), three around and one wrapping the bottom of each leg. The bibs are a more traditional lightweight and breathable mesh. The legs are...
Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $249.95
Our Price: $149.97
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While they might not be appropriate for a wild night in Vegas, Castelli's Body Paint 2. 0 Men's Shorts fit in seamlessly into the peloton. While many shorts are designed with multiple panels of fabric, Castelli takes form fit to a whole other level. By using a single panel of Lycra blend fabric,...
Castelli Body Paint 3.0 Speed Suit - Long-Sleeve - Men's
Retail Price: $379.95
Our Price: $284.96
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Castelli has incorporated extensive rider-feedback from the likes of Team Garmin-Sharp to hone the precise cut, shape, and elasticity of the Body Paint 3. 0 Speed Suit. The result is a speedsuit that has been methodically tuned for real world race success. Rider speed is all about managing...
Castelli Body Paint Tri Suit - Men's
Retail Price: $269.95
Our Price: $148.47
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Castelli takes aerodynamics to a whole new level with its Body Paint Tri Suit. Utilizing a low-profile, compressed Lycra weave and a near-seamless design, the Body Paint Tri Suit makes you as aerodynamic as possible. Castelli also incorporated its specialized KISS Tri chamois, which is...
Castelli Cannondale/Garmin Free Aero Race Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $229.95
Our Price: $137.97
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The Castelli Free Aero Bib Shorts may be the most sought-after (and copied) bib shorts on the planet. For good reason. Castelli's innovative technologies always seem to be a year ahead of the rest of the industry. Pair that with unmistakable Italian style, and you have the bib shorts that other...
Castelli Climber Free Aero Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $229.95
Our Price: $149.47
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Give a nod to the classic climber's polka dots with Competitive Cyclist's exclusive Climber bib shorts, designed on the platform of Castelli's Free Aero Bib Shorts. With Castelli's attention to detail from performance to aesthetics, they'll work for your local brutal climbs in the same way they...
Castelli Cross Sanremo Thermoflex Speedsuit - Men's
Price: $249.95
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At first blush, it's easy to mistake Castelli's Cross Sanremo Thermoflex Speedsuit as the same as the Sanremo Thermosuit, less sleeves and legs. But the two are different in ways that recommend the Thermosuit for long road rides in the cold and the Cross Speedsuit for short, hard efforts on the...
Castelli Endurance X2 Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $149.95
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When planning a long ride, you want to be thinking about choosing the perfect route, not your shorts getting uncomfortable a few miles in. Castelli designed the Endurance X2 Bib Shorts to stay comfortable for the duration of your ride. Made of Castelli's Endurance Evolution fabric in an...
Castelli Endurance X2 Short - Men's
Price: $129.95
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The Castelli Endurance X2 Short starts, perhaps unsurprisingly, with the Progetto X2 Chamois. This is Castelli's top-line, three-layer pad designed to support your sit bones and resist chafing, no matter how long the ride. Sewn around the X2 are eight panels, two of Action PowerLycra for abrasion...
Castelli Ergo Tights - Men's
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $39.98
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Cold weather doesn't care if your preference is for bibs or tights. The bottom line is that, regardless of preference, come winter, you're going to freeze in your summer kit. It's a good thing that Castelli made sure that everyone gets a leg up on Old Man Winter with the Ergo Tights. With a...
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