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Attaquer Night Rider Kit - Men's
Price: $318.95
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The Night Rider Kit demonstrates Attaquer's romantic side, painting a Lycra canvas with a starscape that appeals to the lovelorn stargazer in all of us. Of course, Attaquer is also remarkably tech-nerdy, so the Lycra is race-ready and Italian-bred. The stars themselves are also mapped out and...
Attaquer Ozzie Kit - Men's
Price: $318.95
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Clothing for road cyclists can get a bit monotonous. If you're tired of color-blocking blacks, reds, and whites, you might find the Attaquer Ozzie Kit just the antidote you need. It'll help if you also have an affection for the country Down Under. The jersey is a Pro-Fit, body contour design. It...
Attaquer Palms Kit - Men's
Price: $318.95
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Anyone who thinks there's no room for palm fronds on race-cut, competitive-minded cycling kits has clearly never been paying attention to the annual February exodus from Europe to Qatar during which Belgians ride around in the subtropical desert blowing the peloton apart in crosswinds. Attaquer's...
Attaquer Rockies Eagle Kit - Men's
Price: $318.95
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From their nascent, initial upthrust of Precambrian metamorphic rock during the Upper Carboniferous subperiod (circa 300 Ma) to our weekend epics tracing the opening salvo of the queen stage of Utah's home race from Salt Lake City to Park City, the Rocky Mountains -- whether Ancestral or...
Attaquer Shooting Hoops Kit - Men's
Retail Price: $318.95
Our Price: $175.42
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While it's true that the interpretation of style is in the eye of the beholder, the presentation of cycling style typically, well, kind of sucks. Either it's too serious, too bland, or blatantly too Euro to a point of fault. This isn't simply conjecture either. If it were, the rising Australian...
Attaquer Skinsuit - Men's
Price: $248.95
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Everyone laughed when Cavendish started wearing skinsuits to races, but then he won himself a world title, and now it's unusual not to see the guys expecting to be competitive in a race against the clock wearing anything but a skinsuit. With the Attaquer Skinsuit, you can have the same...
Bellwether Criterium Short - Men's
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $22.48
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Using a blend of Titan PS and Aerotex fabric, the eight-panel design of the Bellwether Criterium Shorts maximizes moisture wicking and aerodynamics with a dimpled construction. They also provide muscle support with compressive panels at critical elements for comfortable support that limits...
Bellwether Forma Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $94.95
Our Price: $37.98
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While the Italian cycling apparel brands often get the credit for being the best in the world -- and this is arguably true in many instances -- American brands like Bellwether easily compete, and articles like the Bellwether Forma Men's Shorts are beautiful showcases of how. Bellwether relies on...
Biemme Sports Garun Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $248.95
Our Price: $124.48
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The Piece de Resistance of Biemme's bib short collection, the Biemme Garun Bib Shorts are second to none in fit, fabric, and comfort. Biemme's designers and material engineers virtually started from scratch with its design, questioning every element of bib short construction to create a truly new...
Biemme Sports Pure Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $198.95
Our Price: $119.37
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There's no built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, or espresso maker in the Biemme Sports Pure Men's Bib Short, but that's kind of the idea. Rather than focusing on extraneous nonsense, Biemme placed a premium on careful design, so even though the Pure is relatively simple, its level of comfort and...
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