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SUGOi Evolution Pro Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $119.95
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Sugoi apparel has always shown a sophistication and attention to detail that you don't find in most cycling apparel, especially at this price range. Incorporating compressive fabric, an 8-panel design, and open mesh bib-straps, the Evolution Pro is Sugoi's best hot-weather bib short. Like any...
SUGOi Evolution Shorts - Men's
Price: $89.95
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While evolution doesn't actually progress from primitive to civilized, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Sugoi Evolution Shorts are the most highly evolved affordable bike shorts out there. Unnatural selection dominates in the bike world, though, and Sugoi has hand-designed the Evolution to...
SUGOi Neo Pro Shorts - Men's
Price: $54.95
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Hit the road with the superior fit and comfort of the Sugoi Men's Neo Pro Shorts. This sleek, streamlined short leverages a six-panel design and lightweight, moisture-wicking P3 fabric for enhanced comfort on casual Sunday spins and serious training rides alike. Its soft waistband elastic won't...
SUGOi RPM Pro Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $99.95
Our Price: $54.97
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The award-winning Sugoi Men's RPM Pro Bib Short offers trickled-down tech from Sugoi's high-performance offerings, providing dialed comfort and fit for recreational riders. Its P3 fabric not only wicks moisture and breathes for exceptional comfort during warm weather, but it also prevents odor...
SUGOi RS Bib Knickers - Men's
Retail Price: $179.95
Our Price: $89.97
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In temperate winter climates where wind and rain isn't an issue you wrestle with, the Sugoi RS Bib Knickers come in to protect your joints from exposure and keep you comfortable in while you ride. Made with a 10 panel contour fit, these knickers are loaded with features to keep you feel good in...
SUGOi RS Firewall Bib Tights - Men's
Price: $239.95
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When it's so cold outside that curling up by the fire is the only thing on your mind, the Sugoi Men's RS Firewall Bib tights are the toasty layer you need to get outside and ride. The warmest of the Sugoi winter line, the RS Firewall Bib Tights are constructed of Sugoi's Firewall 260 fabric. This...
SUGOi RS Pro Bib Knicker - Men's
Price: $169.95
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Designed with longer, below-knee coverage, the RS Pro Bib Knicker offers a bit of extra warmth without stifling you when you're increasing your cadence on high-octane training rides. This bib knicker is re-engineered with a three-way fabric design for all the benefits of compression, extra...
SUGOi RS Pro Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $159.95
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Stay comfy and fast with the SUGOi RS Pro Bib Shorts. SUGOi strategically integrates three fabrics to provide just the right amount of breathability, durability, and aerodynamics to keep you fast and dry over long miles in the saddle. The Pro Bib Shorts come with an integrated Formula FX Chamois...
SUGOi RS Pro Short - Men's
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $58.48
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If bibs aren't your cup of tea, but you still want a short designed with all the details inherent in pro-level bibs, Sugoi's RS Pro Shorts fit the bill. The shorts were constructed using panels with a combination of two fabrics--Ultra Aero and Revo. The former material was knit with a...
SUGOi RS Pro Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $129.95
Our Price: $97.46
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The Sugoi RS Pro Short uses three strategically placed fabrics for maximum comfort on the road. The outer legs utilize Sugoi's Ultra Aero fabric that's dimpled for a slippery aerodynamic surface. Slimmed-down front panels leverage ultra-thin Tri-Force fabric for enhanced breathability and...
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