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Louis Garneau Solano 2 Tight - Men's
Price: $99.95
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Everything about the Louis Garneau Solano 2 Men's Tight screams cold-weather versatility. It blends elemental resistance in the front with breathable insulation the rear, omits the bibs so it doesn't hamper layering, and leaves out the chamois so you can run your preferred summer shorts. The...
Louis Garneau Stockholm Tights - No Chamois - Men's
Price: $69.95
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Louis Garneau knows the importance of versatility when it comes to cool- and cold-weather apparel. For that reason, it designed the new Stockholm Tights to not only be your go-to choice for fall and winter riding, but also to be the perfect lower-body layer for Nordic skiing and running. The...
Louis Garneau Techfit MTB Knickers - Men's
Price: $149.95
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Break out the Louis Garneau Men's Techfit MTB Knickers on days when you want just a little more coverage to fend off the chill or tackle a particularly gnarly section of trail. With flexible materials, a removable liner, and plenty of pocket space, these knickers are an ideal piece of kit for...
Louis Garneau Training Pants - Men's
Price: $99.95
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Training Pants - Men's
Maloja BecalM 1/1 WB Bike Bib Tights - Men's
Retail Price: $254.95
Our Price: $127.47
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We've all spent far too much time trying to get leg warmers to sit in just the right position for a winter ride. Too high and you risk uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing chafing, and too low may lead to exposing sensitive stripes of skin to frigid temperatures and wind. Maloja lets you say...
Maloja BecalM 1/1 WB Multi Tights - Men's
Retail Price: $214.95
Our Price: $107.47
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Sometimes we want a pair of tights with a built-in chamois that only gets unfolded on bike ride days, and other times we need something more versatile to handle a few more winter activities. The Maloja BecalM 1/1 WB Multi Tights fit the bill with cozy functionality made for a host of winter...
Maloja DrewM Cycling Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $179.95
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DrewM Cycling Bib Shorts - Men's
Maloja GaryM.Pants 1/2 - Men's
Retail Price: $194.95
Our Price: $146.21
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GaryM.Pants 1/2 - Men's
Maloja HankM. Pants 1/2 - Men's
Retail Price: $184.95
Our Price: $138.71
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Comprised of 190g Lycra, the Maloja HankM. 1/2 Pants support key muscle groups as you furiously crank up steep alpine passes and winding country roads. These form-fitting bib shorts comfortably conform to your lower body, with laser-cut leg endings remaining in place with the use of a silicone...
Maloja HercliM Snow Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $189.95
Our Price: $89.28
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So many riders pay exquisite attention to gathering the appropriate winter jackets, gloves, shoe covers, and leg warmers only to forget about winter-specific shorts. Those summer shorts will hold up leg warmers just fine, but leave a rather large patch of sensitive skin vulnerable to the cold....
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