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Hincapie Sportswear Cuvee Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $99.95
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Like its premium, champagne-inspired name suggests, the Hincapie Cuvee Bib Shorts serves up the very best in fit and function on the road with its compressive properties, cool-wearing mesh bibs, and multi-density Team Chamois. Strategically placed panels provide 225 grams-per-square-meter of...
Hincapie Sportswear Edge Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $139.95
Our Price: $62.98
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Hincapie loaded its Edge Bib Short with all of its best hot-weather technology. The Edge Bib Short's strategically placed high tech features and fabrics work with your body to regulate temperature and reduce energy-robbing heat, even during the hottest days of summer.Hincapie built the body of...
Hincapie Sportswear Edge Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $139.95
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Keeping you utterly cool, comfortable, and highly visible on the road, the Hincapie Men's Edge Bib Shorts offer generous support, brilliant visibility, and sleek styling. AT2 Force Lycra Power panels move naturally with your body, conforming to every movement while retaining shape and firm...
Hincapie Sportswear Felix Bib Short - Men's
Price: $119.95
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From weekend races to fast-paced rides with your local club, the Hincapie Men's Felix Bib Short stabilizes key muscle groups while keeping you blissfully comfortable in the saddle with its anatomically shaped chamois. Ideal for the hottest summer rides, the Felix's Diamond Mesh bibs bolster...
Hincapie Sportswear Power Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $129.95
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Sometimes, our schedules dictate that we can't get out for a ride until the afternoon. In the fall and spring, this is ideal, but in the heat of summer, it almost makes us not want to ride at all. Hincapie Sportswear understands this frustration, as evidence by the super cool, super cooling...
Hincapie Sportswear Power Shorts - Men's
Price: $109.95
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Combining the best of supportive stretch and UV-reflective technology, the Hincapie Sportswear Men's Power Short keeps you pedaling in cool-wearing comfort, mile after blissful mile. Its body-contoured design offers a form-fitting feel, but without restricting key movements required for quick,...
Hincapie Sportswear Signature Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $279.95
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Designed with every stitch, panel, and detail carefully considered for comfort and performance, the Hincapie Sportswear Signature Bib Shorts represent the top-tier bib shorts in Hincapie's line of cycling apparel. AT1 Superstruct Power Lycra throughout the body of the short is both soft to the...
Kitsbow Coleman Valley Bib Shorts - Men's
Price: $179.00
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Rather than a silly initialism, a wanna-be-tech fake model number, or yet another reference to S(uper) L(ight), "aero," or European cycling landmarks, Kitsbow named its opening salvo in the men's road bibs market the Coleman Valley Bib Shorts. While the move away from indecipherable or repetitive...
Levi's Commuter 511 Denim Pants - Men's
Retail Price: $87.95
Our Price: $35.18
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The Commuter 511 Denim Pants from Levi's feature a water-resistant and dirt-repellent NanoSphere protective finish to make commuting in hostile weather a little more acceptable, especially if your destination is the office. It's for this very reason that Levi's also incorporated an odor-resistant...
Levi's Commuter 511 Trousers - Men's
Retail Price: $87.95
Our Price: $39.58
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Sure, you tear up the tarmac after work, but Levi's wants to know why you're not riding everywhere, all of the time? Yes, we're referring to the two words that strike fear into the hearts of all Lycra-coveting men on earth -- bicycle commuting. Perhaps you've tried in the past, and perhaps your...
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