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Icebreaker Cadence 3/4 Pant - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $179.99
Our Price: $72.00
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It's too cool for shorts and too warm for a full set of pants. What do you do? Slip on a pair of Icebreaker Men's Cadence 3/4 Pants. The merino wool naturally regulates your body temperature as you ride and handles odor so you can hit the juice bar after without clearing out the place. 6 panel...
Levi's Commuter 504 5-Pocket Pants - Men's
Price: $87.95
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For just about as long as Americans have been commuting, Levi's has been along for the journey. Today, the iconic San Francisco label continues to provide the standard uniform for commuters, with the new bicycle-specific line standing as a testament to the brand's lasting appeal. The Commuter 504...
Levi's Commuter 504 Pants - Men's - Men's
Retail Price: $87.95
Our Price: $70.00
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Whether you're headed to the coffee shop, or to work, you want to look like an ordinary human, despite the fact that you rode a bike to get there. If that sounds familiar, and you're not into super-skinny jeans, the Levi's Commuter 504 will keep you pedaling in comfort, and style. Based off the...
Levi's Commuter 510 5-Pocket Denim Pant - Men's
Retail Price: $87.95
Our Price: $60.00
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We're not going to pull any punches, here. If you've been looking at the new Levi's Commuter line, and you haven't found any pants that are skinny enough for your taste, these Commuter 510 5-Pocket Denim Pants are for you. Essentially, this is the slimmest cut that Levi's has to offer, making...
Levi's Commuter 511 Slim Fit Denim - Men's
Retail Price: $87.95
Our Price: $43.98
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If you've heard of the Levi's Commuter 511 Denim Pants, you've probably been struggling to find them all year. Well, we're happy to tell you that your quest is finally over, and believe us, it's been worth the wait. These aren't some run-of-the-mill, one-off attempt at appeasing a subculture....
Louis Garneau Bib Knickers - Men's
Retail Price: $119.99
Our Price: $60.00
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When we reach for knickers, our go-to pairs are thermal, insulated versions like these Garneau Bib Knickers. After all, when it's chilly enough to pass over knee warmers and shorts, the extra insulation is nice to have. Garneau cuts these from their HeatMaxx thermal fabric. It's similar to...
Louis Garneau CB Carbon Bib Short - Men's - Men's
Price: $149.99
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Louis Garneau's CB Carbon Bib Shorts are built for the cyclist that puts long hours into the saddle. Essentially, it embodies all of the features necessary for this task, only at about half of the typical asking price. Unlike common dark textiles that absorb radiant energy, Louis Garneau treated...
Louis Garneau CB Carbon Short - Men's - Men's
Price: $149.95
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There is no greater test for a piece of cycling clothing than the all-day ride that extends well past the century mark The Louis Garneau CB Carbon Short says, 'bring it on.' With high-tech fabrics that help your body regulate its temperature and a chamois that actually helps heal wounds rather...
Louis Garneau Classico Bib Short - Men's
Retail Price: $159.95
Our Price: $87.97
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The Classico Bib Shorts represent Louis Garneau's ability to continually design apparel that produces results in the saddle. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Garneau's commitment to the sport, which is quite remarkable considering just how many apparel brands have popped up in recent years...
Louis Garneau Competitive Cyclist Pilot LE Bib Shorts - Men's
Retail Price: $179.95
Our Price: $98.97
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The new Pilot LE Bib Shorts were designed to provide you with the ultimate combination of support and all-day riding comfort. They represent Garneau's 30 years in the apparel-making business, incorporating the same designs and fabrics used to outfit the world's best cyclists. With the Pilot LE...
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